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Monday, 5 September 2005

Dimsum lunch for Father's Day - 4th Sept 2005

We took my dad out for dimsum lunch at Emperor's Court on Lake Street in Northbridge. Pretty pricey, but we wanted this to be a nice treat for my dad (Hoi's Kitchen on William Street in Northbridge is our favourite, but is one of those places that serves great food but presentation is somewhat lacking). Being Father's Day, the restaurant was packed and we waited for about 20minutes before a table for our size was available (I shudder to think of the queue at Hoi's Kitchen - during lunchtime on a normal weekend day there is a wait of at least 1/2hr).

Waiting outside the restaurant

Early part of the meal when the table hadn't yet filled up with dimsum dishes

My family! :)

It was a nice meal, but pretty pricey. We paid close to $20pp, whereas at Hoi's Kitchen we'd pay closer to around $12pp for the same amount of dishes.

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