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Thursday, 5 January 2006

Update on yesterday's accident

Yes, this issue is still heavy on my mind, and hence the need to vent some frustration. Apologies that this isn't food related.

Rob rang the driver yesterday evening and the woman said she's already made the police report. Rob asked for the report number, but she refused to give it (we think she's trying to scare us and she hasn't actually gone to the police). She then proceeds to inconsiderately send sms-es in the middle of the night - as if we weren't already having trouble sleeping because of her! We got woken up at 12:30am when she sent 4 sms-es to my phone. Shows that she is not only selfish, but a very inconsiderate one.

The message we received as is - word for word, spelling for spelling (she's an awful awful writer!):

"I do realise its late 2 text but heard back from perth metro police and unfortunatley i don't have 2 give u my case number i just have 2 give it 2 my insurance Agency to pass on to you if i decide 2 petition for you to pay for the damage done to my car as while the bike lane is full with parked viechles u then have to aknowledge all road rules including indicating viechles and ad the scratches and wittnesses have reported u failed to stop and abide by the road rules as u hit the left hand side front panel of my viechle and as u were able 2 bend walk and stretch we all know u were uninjured if u wish to see photage of the incident please call after 2pm thanku"

I cannot believe this lady driver! She has the gall to say that she may want us to pay for the damage done to her car. What gets to me the most is that she immediately took an attack position right from when she hit Rob. If I were in her position, I'd be sh*tting myself and the first thing would be to check if the cyclist is okay. She's only concerned with her own self.

She has no case, yet she wants to pretend that she does. She's so insistent and even pulled out rules from her butt saying that the bike lane was full of parked cars and that Rob had to obey the road rules and look out for her indication. Pfft, whatever. 1) The bike lane was separate from the parking bays. 2) Rob was obeying the road rules - she wasn't. Her scare tactic is not working, and there's no way we'll be backing down because we know we have a good case.

Rob has also just submitted a police report of the incident. Rob had a witness who was kind enough to stop his car and give Rob his details to be a witness to the incident. All we want is for her to pay the damage to repair the bike, which would cost probably no more than $200. It's not the cost issue but the principle of the matter that bothers us. This woman needs to be taught a lesson - I think this ignorant driver just needs someone authoritative to tell her that she is at fault here.

I just hope this whole thing will be settled soon.

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  1. Go get em!
    It's really weird .. but there are actually people out there like this everywhere. Good luck and keep fighting her, it's incredible she is taking that approach.
    You could always consider taking her to small claims court .. there's no doubt you would win, if you have a look at the road rules (as you pointed out via example), it was her that changed lanes/turned into traffic. I may be wrong, but think I'm right in saying that bikes have the same laws as motorised vehicles. In that case changing lanes/direction of travel into the legal direction of traffic of other vehicles is the crux .. and she's a gonner.
    Go for it, seems like she has no clue, and will only stuff herself up in the end.