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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Sosaku Japanese @ Ryusen, Suzu

My routine on most Saturday afternoons in the Noto involve meeting a group of lovely ladies to have a casual English conversation class. Not too long ago, they held a farewell dinner for Rob when he left the Noto in May for Tokyo. Last Sunday, they organised my sobetsukai at Ryusen in Suzu, a 45minutes drive north from my apartment.

Like many small restaurants in the Noto, this establishment is run by a couple - the food is prepared by the master-san and served by the mama-san. It seems that the ladies frequent Ryusen quite a bit since they were on quite familiar terms with the mama-san. It's a nice place, decorations are simple but beautiful. The food was described to me using the word sosaku, which translates to English as original work. I'd described it as modern Japanese cuisine with an artistic flair. As you can see in the photos, each course was gorgeously presented. The quality was excellent, and I'd highly recommend this place if you're ever in the Noto. Unfortunately I don't know how much the food costs (as they did not want me to pay), but I'd guess that you should expect to pay around 5000yen per person.

Tonight's course showcases the summer produce, and light and refreshing was the main theme.

Beautifully fresh sashimi; and sazae (sea snail) with yaki nasu (grilled eggplant):

Su no mono (vinegared dish - fish and vegetables); and ice cold somen noodles with onsen tamago (hot spring egg - basically soft boiled egg):

Fried fish and vegetables; and simple ochazuke (rice with broth):

Dessert was corn ice cream - the corn flavour was subtle but so delightfully refreshing!

I really enjoyed the dinner, and I will miss having regular chats with these ladies on Saturday afternoons.

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