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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Final Tokyo meal: Monjayaki and Okonomiyaki @ Bambi

It feels a little strange to write about our last lunch in Tokyo because it makes it seems like we're still living there. This meal was only less than 3 weeks ago, yet it somehow feels like a lifetime ago. That day we'd done the last of the packing and left the apartment to the movers to pack everything else up for shipping. We met up with Kim for lunch in Tsukishima and headed over to an old favourite, Bambi, for a last meal of monjayaki and okonomiyaki. We ate here several times before, and I wrote about a previous experience at Bambi, so I won't go into much of a spiel here. Rob cooked everything on the teppan, and I was only too glad to sit back and relax especially after a rather intense week of preparing for the move out of our apartment.

Kim got a Cheese and Mochi Monjayaki with Pork, and I ordered the Mentaiko Monjayaki. Cheese and mochi is a winning combination, and the pork upped the protein, flavour and fat content of the monjayaki to make it even more delicious. The mentaiko was also pretty good, full of the fishy umami that I (and most Japanese) enjoy so much.

Raw ingredients for both types of monjayaki:

I've previously given a pictorial on how to cook monjayaki, and here's a more concise version of how the mentaiko monjayaki was cooked.

Spoon the solid ingredients out of the bowl and onto the hot teppan, cook and chop the ingredients with the spatula while stir-frying, then make a well, pour the remaining liquid contents of the bowl into the well and then combine and cook for a further few minutes:

Yeah, the aesthetics of the monjayaki's finished product is not its best feature, but it tastes great!:

Rob has always preferred okonomiyaki, and he ordered his favourite combo: Scallop and Prawn Okonomiyak. I actually wrote about our first okonomiyaki more than 4 years ago! Our best okonomiyaki experience was at this tiny shop in Osaka, which was so good that we went there again on another trip to Osaka.


We had Chocolate Crepe to finish the meal with (previously featured in this post).

The raw ingredients for Choco Creoe; the finished product was polished off before I could take a shot of it!

Writing about this makes me feel a little sad about leaving Tokyo behind, yet I'm not too sad because there's a lot to look forward to in our new life in Hong Kong!


  1. I see the mochi, cabbage, ebi, cod roe, and pork but what is that thin brown thing at the top? Also what is your recipe for the liquid?


  2. Thanks for dropping in! I think the brown stuff at the top are dried seafood flakes. Kinda like bonito flakes I guess. I think the liquid is just a simple mixture of flour, water and worcestershire sauce. Hope this helps!