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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sunday Brunch @ Brasserie on the Eighth (Conrad), Hong Kong

Two Sundays ago, we had the pleasure of partaking in the famous Sunday Brunch Buffet at the Conrad Hotel. We enjoyed a leisurely brunch with my aunt-in-law and her hubby (long-time residents of Hong Kong), and a couple of relatives visiting from Australia. We do try to see our only relatives in HK regularly, but between their busy travel schedules and ours, it only happens three or four times a year. We always eat very well in their company, and it is usually with them that we have eaten some of the best foods in HK. That Sunday was no different, and indeed this brunch buffet ranks the best we've had in HK thus far. I was still not feeling very well, but I could still appreciate the beautiful aromas and the gorgeous food laid out. I particularly liked the live stations, to enjoy fresh pasta dishes cooked to order, or eggs and foie gras cooked any way you like. Like at WHISK, we could also order a choice of main course to be specially prepared (included in the cost of the buffet), but the buffet spread filled us all up well enough that none of us got a main dish.

The yellow Conrad duck:

The 8th floor of the Conrad Hotel houses two high-end restaurants - an Italian one called Nicolini's, and this French restaurant called Brasserie on the Eighth. Every Sunday, the space between the restaurants gets transformed into a gastronomical heaven, and you can partake of the buffet goodness from either of the two restaurants. Our table was located inside Brasserie on the Eight, and the service we received was flawless, as to be expected from a 5-star hotel restaurant. Our son was given a Conrad duck with a helium balloon, which adds to his collection of four other rubber duckies (two of which are the white/black and silver-crowned Conrad Tokyo ducks). The kid doesn't even take baths anymore (preferring the shower), but he was happy to receive the duck!

The salads and appetisers table - a nice selection of cold cuts, smoked salmon, beef tartare, seafood salad and more:

Seafood galore - lobsters, prawns, crab claws and sushi at the other end:

The live pasta station, with chefs working hard to fill orders. There were about five different types of pasta to go with three styles - carbonara, tomato or bolognese:

The jamon carver to carve up shavings of jamon goodness to serve with melon wedges:

Roasted suckling pig:

The carvery station:

Bread, brioche, muffins, Danish pastries and croissants:

The Kids Corner complete with a chocolate and strawberry fountain and all the lollies and sweets you don't want your kids to eat. To the right of the shot was a covered chafing dish with battered fish and fries, mini hot dogs and mini burgers:

An ice cream corner with four sauces:

Cheese platter with cut fresh fruit:

Half of the dessert spread, with black forest cake, passion fruit mousse, caramel tarts, strawberry and green apple yogurt mousse, vanilla slice and raspberry mirror:

The other half of the dessert table, with chocolate truffle cakes, chocolate mousse (in champagne glasses), mango pudding, mango cheesecake, tiramisu, and Manjari chocolate tarts:

This was my first plate, modestly filled with duck-filled ravioli (delicious), mashed potatoes (beautifully creamy), duck with orange sauce (only ok from memory), and a slice of bacon and onion quiche (yummy):

Hubby was far more generous in heaping his plate with food. First round with mini burger, sausage, various roast meats, Peking duck pancake and a custard-filled danish for something sweet to finish that plate off (he had something sweet for subsequent plates, as well as two plates full of desserts!):

I had eggs, fried sunny-side up, which I shared with my 4.5-year-old after he'd finished his plate of fish 'n chips. He ate his egg by dipping a buttery croissant into the runny yolk, which was a rather nice idea of eating eggs:

I think this was hubby's plate #3 (to be honest, I lost count), filled with seafood (lobster, prawns and crab claw) and smoked salmon:

Hubby's first dessert plate, with the Manjari chocolate tart and three kinds of mille-feuille (along with a smattering of fresh berries that went largely ignored):

Hubby went for second round of desserts, bringing back the three kinds of apple strudels. He said he liked the mille-feuille pastries better, but I appreciated that the strudels weren't too sweet or overly rich:

Tea and coffee included. I enjoyed freshly brewed peppermint tea:

There is good food to be had on Sundays on the eighth floor of the Conrad. I believe the Sunday Brunch is pretty pricey, but it's well-priced for the quality and variety of food. Like I said before, this ranks as one of the best buffet experiences we've had in Hong Kong. (Thanks to our relatives for their generosity.)

Brasserie on the Eighth
8/F, Conrad Hong Kong
Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Admiralty, Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2521 3838

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