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Monday, 12 September 2005

Siena's Leederville

I have tried Italian food at many places around Perth, and have concluded that the best place to have pasta dishes is at Siena's on Oxford St in Leederville, and the best place to have woodfired pizzas is Caffe Martino on Beaufort St in Mt Lawley (few mins walk from our apartment). The woodfired pizza isn't really that great at Siena's (they are good though, just not great), and likewise, the pasta dishes at Caffe Martino, while nice, are not outstandingly fantastic. There is another Siena's on Beaufort St in Mt Lawley (close to Caffe Martino), but we only had their main course dish like chicken and seafood, not pasta. A friend who has been to both Siena's mentioned that pasta used to be very good at Siena's Mt Lawley but the chef moved to Siena's Leederville. She also confirmed that the pasta is nicer at Siena's Leederville.

There is a buy 1 meal get 1 meal free voucher readily available at voucherbank for both Siena's Leederville and Mt Lawley. Yes, I do love my vouchers and coupons, especially when I can get them for free! Do check out Hot Dockets website for more free vouchers..

This Sunday found us at Siena's Leederville for lunch. I work nearby, so have often had lunches here with collegues, family and friends alike. I have tried the lasagne, spaghetti marinara, spaghetti carbonara, pumpkin ravioli, gnocchi sorrentino and canneloni, all of which were done really yummy (no bland, soft, soggy pasta here unlike some other cafes I have tried). Siena's have recently done up their menu too, so there were more offerings than those mentioned on their website. I have also tried some of their woodfired pizzas, but I can't remember which ones. From the new menu, both of us went for the special items. I was so eager to eat that I forgot to take photos of both our meals before we touched it. Good thing Rob reminded me before there was nothing to take photos of!

Rob's selection was Scallop Linguine for $17.50. The pasta was dressed with a tasty creamy sauce, and there were lots of scallops with it! It was yummy :)

I chose their Salmon special for $26.00, and it comes with salad and chips (I requested roast potatoes instead). This was nice, maybe a bit too well done for me but I do prefer raw salmon (I love sashimi!). Rob liked this dish too.

All up, it was a good experience, and we paid only $27.00 with the use of the voucher. Pretty good deal, if you ask me..

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