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Monday, 24 October 2005

A Little Moorish Cafe, East Perth

Last night, went out with some of my friends from uni for a catch-up dinner at this quaint little Morrocan restaurant with a nice waterfront view in East Perth.

There weren't that many dishes offered on the menu for main meals, with more variety for entrees and light meals (eg salads) - which makes sense as it is a cafe setting. From memory, the following were available as a main meal with prices varying from around $21 to $33 (I don't remember the names of the dishes, just the description): eggplant moussaka, chicken with cannellini bean paste, beef steak of some sort, steamed lamb shanks, fish of the day, and the tapas plate. We ordered most of what was on the menu and we all had a little taste of everyone's plate.

The tapas plate (for around $27) had three variety of dips to go with the turkish bread - a chickpea-type dip, a yoghurt-type dip and a dip made with eggplant. There were also moroccan spiced chicken wings and squids in a chilli lemon sauce. For an extra $6.00, you can order meatballs with your tapas plate. The menu states that the tapas plate is a tasting plate for two or a main meal for one. I would say having one plate would be too much for me for a main meal (as it proved for both Amy (hers with meatballs) and Chrissy (hers without meatballs)), and probably would be enough to share between two relatively small eaters if extra turkish bread was ordered for the dips. The squids were done very nicely - not overcooked and chewy, but tender and juicy. The chicken wings had a tasty spiced coating, and although it was probably fried, it wasn't at all greasy.

The eggplant moussaka (cost around $21) is a vegetarian dish comprising of several eggplant layers with chickpea stuffing in between the layers. Kinda like a lasagne, except slices of eggplant are used instead of pasta sheets.
Tung proclaimed it to be a yummy dish. It certainly looked very appetising.

Rob chose the lamb shanks with red wine sauce (for around $24), which he thought was quite delicious. The flesh was very tender, but the smell and taste of lamb was far too strong for me to say that I liked it (the smell of red meat is the main reason why I prefer not to eat red meat).

For myself, I selected the chicken with cannellini bean paste (around $23). The chicken appeared to have been prepared in a stew until the meat was falling off the bones, served with a tasty sauce on top of cannellini bean paste. The meat was nice and tender, but the highlight of this dish to me was the bean paste, probably because I've never had cannellini beans before, neither have I had beans prepared in this manner. The paste had a thick-ish consistency similar to mashed potatoes but grainier and beanier. It was yummy anyway.

At around 8pm, we had entertainment in the form of a bellydancer. It certainly is an interesting dance to watch. We all admired the dancer's abs, which was quite pronounced.

The food was enjoyable, the company was fantastic - I had a great time.

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