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Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Food glorious Christmas food!

Christmas Eve dinner

Yummy! The Christmas feasting started on the eve of Christmas when we had dinner at my parents'. My mum prepared a delicious seafood feast with sambal prawns, steamed fish, her famous fried beehoon and oysters au naturel. Delicious! I prepared a peaches/mango trifle for dessert.

Sambal Prawns

Steamed Fish

Mum's Famous Beehoon

Oysters Au Naturel

We then sat near the Christmas tree and exchanged presents. My nephew Seth received the biggest gifts and had more presents than anyone else. Needless to say, he was very excited and happy with his new toys and clothes (he was very good at showing his appreciation - and at his age of three, I wasn't quite sure whether it was done out of politeness or sincerity).

I thought this was a gorgeous pic of Rob and Seth:

I think Rob was trying to get me to do this two-person mexican wave type thing with, which caught my dad's interest, and hence this photo:

Christmas Day lunch

Christmas day, Rob and I went to his mum's for a more typical Aussie Christmas lunch - roast turkey and chicken, leg ham, roast veges and a few desserts (to which I contributed a black forest trifle). Everything was delicious.

I believe most of us fortunate enough to have a feast on Christmas felt a bit like this:

Rob and myself hung around until late night keeping his mum company after his brothers and their families have gone, and we had a lovely fruit platter for a light dinner.

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