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Friday, 10 March 2006

Korean @ Tookbegi Restaurant, Perth

A group of my friends and ourselves went to Tookbegi in the city for dinner. Tookbegi is a pretty small diner tucked near the corner of Hay and Pier St and probably caters mainly for take-away customers especially for the CBD lunch crowds during the working day. The atmosphere is quite cosy, although the floor space was a little bit too cramped at times. The dishes are a little bit cheaper than those at Arirang on Barrack St or at Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant on William St, and although they are not the best Korean food we've had, the food were still quite tasty. We might come back here to try other dishes.

We ordered a few entree dishes to share, and for main meals, although we each ordered our own dishes, we had a taste from everyone's plate. The Korean names and description for each of the following dishes were taken from their takeaway menu, except for the seafood casserole, which is not a takeaway item (for obvious reasons).


Haemulpajun - Korean style shallot and seafood pancake ($6.50). This one was yummy. Kinda like an omellete.

Dukbokki - korean rice cake cooked in chilli sauce (option to have soy sauce instead) ($6.50). This was alright - the rice cakes were plain, as to be expected, so you need lots of sauce to eat this with and the sauce needs to be quite strong. One of my friends at the table recently returned from a trip to Korea, and she said that this is a very common dish served in Korea.

Tookbegi tofu - fresh tofu with special seasoned soy sauce ($4). What can I say here? It's tofu with soy sauce.


Dakbulgogi jungsik - cooked fresh chicken in a hot spicy sauce marinate with vegetables served on hot sizzling plate ($13). My friend who ordered this said that although this place does this dish nicely, she's had nicer one at a korean restaurant (Kim Chee?) in Chinatown next to Uncle Billy's.

Nackji bokum jungsik - stir fried fresh octupus with vegetables in hot spicy sauce served on hot sizzling plate ($13). This was my order. It was very yummy :). Surprisingly, the sauce wasn't the same sauce that was used in the Dakbulgogi jungsik. I'd have thought that it would basically be the same dish, except one has chicken and the other has octopus.

Samsun jampong - spicy home made noodle soup with prawns and seafood ($12). Looks similar to laksa, but definitely wasn't as spicy. Quite tasty.

Bibim nangmyun - mixed sticky cold buckwheat noodle with spicy sauce ($12). Chris ordered this because she had the same dish while on her trip to Korea and loved it! When she ordered this, the waitress said that not everyone likes it and confirmed whether Chris wanted it. Chris said that the one she had in Korea was nicer (of course it is!).

Seafood casserole ($17.50pp (min 2people)). This one is cooked at the table on top of a gas stove, like hotpot or steamboat. At the end after all the stuff has been cooked and eaten, the soup was so yummy full of flavour from the seafood.

The company

Of course, most of the night's fun was made by the company at the table, and these are the people who made the night enjoyable.

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