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Monday, 24 July 2006

Dimsum lunch at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant

On Saturday, we took my family out for dimsum lunch at Northbridge Restaurant on Roe Street. We've been here before, I think for Mother's Day this year (we wanted Hoi's Kitchen but unfortunately they've decided to shut down at the end of their lease). Like other restaurants, this one doesn't take advanced bookings for dimsum - it's a first come first served basis. It gets quite busy during lunch time, so it's best to come early around 11am to beat the crowd. The food itself was quite good, but I thought it was on the pricey side (dimsum everywhere else will be pricey once you've tried Hoi's Kitchen).

My favourite dimsum dish? Chicken's feet. So fatty and unhealthy, but you can't get it anywhere else but at dimsum affairs. My mum used to cook chicken's feet when I was a kid in Malaysia but I think chicken's feet are somewhat difficult to obtain at the shops here.

My second favourite dish? Those tantarts (a.k.a egg tarts - quite similar to custard tarts but more eggy).. So unhealthy but it's yummy :) These ones are not the best I've had, but then again it would be pretty difficult finding a place in Perth that does tantarts as yummilicious as the ones you can get in Hong Kong.

Hargao, steamed prawn dumplings, are pretty good as well.

At this point I was pretty hungry so I just took a table shot and nothing else of the food. We had the usual standard dimsum dishes like siumai (pork dumplings), harcheong (prawns wrapped in rice flour and doused in soy sauce), yaoyusou (deep fried squid tentacles), deep fried yam cakes, taufufar (soft silken tofu in sugar syrup) and mango pudding. We also tried a few of the restaurant's specialties like the deep fried soft-shelled crabs (which was quite salty) and a few other sweet things. Mmm..

And a few shots of my family seated around the table:


  1. Actually, you can get chicken feet at Joy Garden Seafood Restaurant. They do mainly chinese dishes, but their food is top notch. I may sound like an advertisement, but that's only because it's my favourite place to eat dim sum. Coralee almost murdered me last time I went there because I didn't take her too :P
    Joy Garden Seafood Restaurant
    65 Francis St
    Northbridge, WA 6003
    Distinguishable features:
    Joy Garden is not easy to spot from the southern side of Francis St. It has a large green awning with Joy Garden written in gold lettering in Algerian font. Has a wide selection of food, and it's best to get in at around 12pm to beat the "just-after-12" crowd and secure a table. Parking is not available out the front and I can't recommend any places close by, so make sure you look it up on the map.

  2. Hi Kris,
    I guess I should have been clearer - what I meant was you can't get chicken's feet anywhere else but at dimsum. I've been to Joy Garden, although not for their dimsum. Thanks for the recommendation though :)