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Monday, 3 July 2006

Weekend social obligations: Altitude 9 and the Atrium

Phewy, finally a chance to sit and write a quick entry. Pretty packed weekend - and it seems that the closer we get to our departure date, the busier we get with our social life (just to add to the fact that we already don't have much time to sort out our sh*t).. I'm not complaining coz I won't get to spend these times again with friends, family and collegues for the next year or so..

Work do at Altitude 9

So, Saturday night, we went to Altitude 9 - a function centre on the 9th floor of the Esplanade Hotel on the Esplanade - for my company's social club annual dinner dance. Here's a short spiel on what I think of the place and the food/catering in general. Nice spacious area for big functions with a great view of the river. Would be nicer for daytime functions. Food was okay and the service was professional and friendly enough, though not wow enough for me to want to have a wedding reception there. Here are photos of the food we had tonight (table service).

Entree On the menu, the entree is described as "Crisp snapper fillet with a piquant tomato salad". Hm. Well the fish wasn't crisp but it was still nice. The tomato salad was tasty too.

Main This is meant to be chicken breast marinated with mint and yoghurt. We couldn't taste the mint at all, but it was pretty tasty in its own right.

Dessert The first one is "Palm sugar creme caramel with sorbet and glazed chillies". Meh. Rob said it tasted more like golden syrup, and the sorbet wasn't that fantastic. The idea of the glazed chilli was innovative, but I don't think chillies work very well in desserts. The second one is the "Gourmet cheese plate", and this is where I tried blue cheese for the first time, and never again!! It wasn't a very pleasant experience. The brie was pretty good though.

Lunch with Rob's family at the Atrium

This was meant to be a family reunion with all of Rob's brothers and their families before we leave Australia, but *sigh* only one brother (Jason) and his family came (the others pulled out at the last moment). Rob's given up trying anymore (this latest attempt was by his mum who was trying to get everyone together before we leave). The last attempt at a reunion was for Easter lunch, and again, only Jason and his family came. And the sad thing is that Jason lives all the way down south in Serpentine (more than 1 hour's drive from Perth) whereas the rest of Rob's brothers live in the metro area. So yeah, Rob just doesn't care anymore. Anyway, enough b*tching.

Lunch at the Atrium was very pleasant, and it was also Jason's birthday. We are getting kinda bored of buffet food (we came here for Rob's birthday a few weeks ago with his mum) but the food was tasty as it always has been. The company was even better than the food and I can't believe how big baby Nic already is! Sooooo cute with such chubby cheeks! And Tayler was as bubbly and cheerful as always.

My first plate - Mmmm yum seafood

So yes, a pretty full weekend, but I ain't complaining coz it was all good :)

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