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Friday, 15 December 2006

Dessert potluck 'White Elephant' party

Last Saturday, our neighbour (fellow JET) Alex organised a White Elephant party. It's a popular American game played during the Christmas season where everyone brings a gift, and everyone will leave the game with a gift. During the game, a random drawing determines the order in which the participants get to unwrap gifts, or steal previously opened gifts.

Aside from it being a 'bring-a-gift' thing, it was also a 'bring-a-dessert' thing. And there were many rich, high-calorie, artery-clogging, fattening desserts. Oh yes, it was an event that would be a nightmare for any diabetics. Dessert potlucks really ought to be banned. I brought my brownies and since I lived only next door, these brownies were presented warm and fresh out of the oven and were gone within minutes (yay! Whenever I bring something for potluck, I always dread that my dish would be the most unpopular one).

We all ate ourselves into a sugar-high, and this was a good chance for us to catch up with everyone before the Christmas/New Year break when most of everyone will be travelling overseas.

The game itself was pretty fun. Gifts ranged from the typical but popular kawaii (cute) objects (e.g. stuffed toys) to the practical ones (e.g. a neckwarmer - something I've seen only in Japan) to the insanely hilarious (a box full of sex-oriented lollies and toys). The gifts could only be stolen a maximum of 3 times.

Alex even dressed up as a Santa. Rob's first gift was a blue dolphin tissue holder, which someone stole from him (much to his relief because that meant he could steal the tube of Vegemite):

A steal in process - the gift was Stitch (from 'Lilo and Stitch') and Stitch's girlfriend:

Rob in da hood (I'm so gonna be in trouble for posting this photo):


  1. Hehe, I think so too. I don't think Rob has read this entry yet, so I'm still safe...

  2. That's ok. You probably don't have enough space to be forced to sleep on the couch anyway :P...

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    I think you forgot to put the link in...

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    That's just brilliant :D