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Friday, 12 January 2007

Japanese dining @ Tsukihi-tei, Nara

After the long walk in Nara-koen, dodging people crowd and feeding deer, we headed back to town in search for dinner. Tsukihi-tei (tsuki means moon and hi is sun) is located in the Higashi-muki arcade, and was one of the places recommended by the Japan's Lonely Planet Guide to try. Good, simple kaiseki sets at affordable prices are available here (much more so than our 'affordable' kaiseki meal in Kyoto, but also much simpler). Both our meals cost less than 1700yen each (AU$18 to AU$19). Service was polite and faultless (I have yet to fault a restaurant in Japan for their service), and the atmosphere was relaxed and laidback.

Rob ordered the tenshin bento which included some sashimi, tsukemono (pickled vegetables), grilled fish, goma dofu (sesame tofu), chawan mushi (Japanese steamed egg), takikomi gohan (a rice dish), a noodle soup and some fruits with jelly to finish off. Not just a pretty face, this set was tasty.

Tenshin bento:

I went for something less extravagant, the sashimi set. This included tsukemono, chawan mushi, some sweetened dried tiny fish (similar to ikan bilis or dried anchovies), plain rice and noodle soup. The sashimi was fresh and the chawan mushi was very yummy.

Sashimi set:

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