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Friday, 2 February 2007

February - finally, some decent snow!

You may recall I wrote in a previous entry that we've been experiencing an unusually warm-ish winter and it hasn't really snowed where we are. I was told that there was some decent (albeit brief) snow fall here on the 28th of last December (during which time we were enjoying a lot more snow on our snowboarding trip in Nagano), but nothing since then. While the lack of snow meant a happy Jean and a disappointed Rob, some people were quite concerned that the nice Mediterranean-esque weather we've been having may bring on bad weather later on (eg worse typhoons, more snow next winter, etc). Who would have thought that the beginning of February would bring us some relatively decent snow fall?

It snowed most of yesterday and overnight, and I must admit that it was nice to enjoy a white-dappled scenery this morning while eating my breakfast. Of course snow meant I would have to drive to school instead of cycling, but I wasn't too disappointed since my muscles are kinda sore from last night's judo lesson. It wasn't too scary driving on snow, but then there wasn't much snow cover on the road. The snow is not gonna last long. As I'm typing this, the sun is shining and the snow is melting away. And no snow is forecasted for the following week.

View from our kitchen sliding door; and our car before scraping off most of the snow to drive to school:

My sympathy to all in Perth who has to endure 40+ degreeC heat!

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