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Sunday, 15 April 2007

German chocolate [Elysia 70% Cacao]

Hm, my chocolate tag is looking a bit empty, isn't it? We've been trying different dark chocolates and I would really like to post chocolate reviews regularly, but alas, work and life does take up a lot of time.

Today I shall review a German chocolate that I bought at an international food store in Kanazawa. I picked this up because I've never tried a German chocolate before, and the packaging claims that it is the best chocolate that Germany offers. Elysia Schokolade Noir 70% Cocoa hits the right balance of bitter and sweet and the texture is not too creamy, almost gritty even. I think its main weakness would be the prevalent taste of vanilla ('real vanilla flavour' is listed as one of the ingredients), although I'm sure there would be others who would say that this is a positive feature.

At around 200 yen (~AU$2) for a 100g block, it's quite a nice chocolate. However, we probably wouldn't buy it again as we have other high cacao chocolates we prefer over this one that cost around the same price and are more accessible to us in inaka (countryside). It was worth a try though :)

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