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Friday, 11 May 2007

Cool treats at Icey Ice, Northbridge

After reading about this new Icey-Ice store in Northbridge on myrial_pearls' livejournal, I wanted to give it a try. It took quite a bit of convincing to get Rob to come with me because he kept insisting that it would be just like snowcones. It wasn't really like snowcones, and in fact Rob was quite fascinated at the texture. I like the fact that it's so light - it's something sweet that you can have after a big dinner and not feel like you've over-indulged. That said, it is really nothing more than superfinely shaved frozen water with added ingredients, so I can understand if some people would think that the $4.50 pricetag for a regular-sized serving is a bit steep (how's that for a high profit margin?). Nonetheless, we liked it so much that we went back three times (and brought our family to try it too).

We tried Mango, Green Tea and Peanut, and by far our favourite is the peanut one. The mango one was nice, but mango flavour is too common (a bit overused IMO). The green tea type would probably have been a bit too plain on its own, but we opted to have some red beans (adzuki) topping for an additional 50c - the girl at the counter was surprised when Rob used the word 'adzuki', and did not believe him when he said that he lives in Japan. The Peanut Ice came with a chocolate syrup topping, and you could have additional peanuts for an extra 50c. Peanuts and chocolate go very well together.

Peanut Ice and Green Tea Ice

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