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Friday, 1 June 2007

Internet's up!

Yay! *does a happy dance around the room* Internet is set up at home on my laptop! I'm not that computer-illiterate without Rob after all, and I did it on Linux OS! Since Rob took his laptop to Tokyo on Sunday, I've been without internet at home (I leave my laptop at school). It didn't occur to either of us to bring my laptop home before Rob left so he could set it up for me..

Yesterday I brought my laptop home for the weekend (since I will be making a school trip to the city today and won't be at school) to try and set up internet at home on it. I had so much trouble last night, and written instructions from Rob can only help so much. I did all the tricks I knew: check cables, pull out ethernet card and shove it back it etc etc, but no luck. I was frustrated and went to bed annoyed. This morning, woke up too early and talked to Rob for awhile on the phone and he suggested rebooting the modem. So I switched it off and back on. And it did the trick! Simple as that (thanks Rob!)!

Anyway, so here I am, posting on my blog (using the internet @ home!!) at a relatively obscene hour in the morning. I'm hungry, gonna make some brekkie (last night's leftovers) and cook my lunch (fried rice) before I get picked up in an hour's time. Ciao!


  1. That's pretty impressive, to set it up on Linux. /dev/eth0 would be the ethernet card - it's just what it's called in linux, and represents the first ethernet card. If your computer has 2 ports, it might just be that you stuck it in the second one... Windows has something else, but it's all plug in and start working straight away in windows. And pulling things out and putting them back in usually doesn't work in Linux :P
    Anyway, I came on to discuss something other than computers. Gossip time - remember Mark Toh? I think he was in your year, and was interested in someone called Anne... He got married about 3 weeks ago to someone he's been dating for a long time... she has him under her thumb pretty good, but he's always needed a woman to tell him what to do. Harsh, I know, but that's just the sort of women he's dated... and now married... and bought a house for... and bought the car that she told him to buy (the ever manly VW Golf - it's so small I can't sit in the front in it without hitting my legs on the dash)... almost seems like he was married long before he actually was.

  2. Hehe, yeah, you gotta mount and unmount devices on linux. Linux is getting more and more user-friendly though.. quite impressed with how far it's come from when I first heard about it six years ago..
    And how's that for a random piece of news? Haha, yeah, Mark had a huge crush on Anne for about 2 years. He kept pursuing her. And she was too nice to say a simple, definite no. She felt sorry for him and once considered going to the movies with him as a friend. I had to advise her, "No, Anne - if you go to the movies with him, it wouldn't be with 'no strings attached'". From the sounds of it, Anne would be too nice for his taste?

  3. She's totally not oppressive enough. Anyway, didn't she get married too? But yeah, Helen (I remember her name now) has Mark under her tiny asian thumb, and he's completely her bitch. I'd be surprised if she didn't take him for walks daily. You really have no idea of just how oppressed he is... think master-slave.
    All in all it's hilarious, and I somewhat get the impression that he was pressured into marrying her... either by her, or by his parents... but he does love her, and that's what is important.

  4. Love is important, but it's not everything in a relationship. If he is happy in his oppressing situation, how can we criticise? Every situation is different (I can't believe I'm repeating this JET mantra). Some people feel they need to lead, and some need to be led - and they make a nice complement to each other. Sad to say that some find themselves in a relationship of clashing personalities. But there is hope of finding a happy medium in a relationship of equality :)
    No, Anne's not married yet. She's in a steady relationship, but I don't think either of them are thinking of marriage yet (they have big plans to climb their career ladders).