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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Total Lunar Eclipse

I hardly ever post announcements on my journal, but I thought this was a worthy event. There will be a total lunar eclipse on the night of Tuesday 28th August '07. Pacific areas will get the best views of the moon turning red including America, Japan and Australia. has more information on this event, including a map. If I calculated properly, the eclipse will occur very early in the morning in NYC (5am) and in the evening for Australia and Japan.


  1. lunar eclipse
    Unfortunately in Perth it was clouded over so noone got to see the orange moon =(
    from Colleen (Alda and Su's friend)
    ps I love your blog- I love Japan and would like to visit NY one day =)

  2. Re: lunar eclipse
    That's a shame. For us in NYC, the eclipse occured too early in the morning, and with high rises everywhere, I didn't fancy waking that early then walking too far to get a decent view of the moon.. There are beautiful shots of the eclipse on, so it nearly makes up for not seeing it in person :)
    Thanks for reading my blog btw :)