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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A party animal at 25?

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Ask anyone who knows me well, and they'll tell you that I've never been much of a party-goer or clubber. The occasions that I did go clubbing, it's usually for Rob to get his electronic/techno dance music fix, but I rarely last beyond 3am in the morning. For the record, being non-drinkers and non-smokers, we don't go clubbing for the alcoholic/smoking/drug scene - it's purely for the enjoyment of dancing and music appreciation.

Last night I surprised myself my pulling off my first all-nighter! I didn't even do that for my studies in my far-off student days (I had a bad first (and only) experience with an all-nighter for Year 12 exams). Being New Year's Eve, we headed into Shibuya and I had my first Tokyo clubbing experience at Club Asia, which was very popular and hence quite uncomfortably crowded last night. But we stayed from before midnight for the countdown up until 5am when the first train services started running, and I was still quite genki (full of energy). Could it be that half can of Red Bull I drank at 2am? I'd never drunk Red Bull before, so perhaps the caffeine/taurine content in this energy drink had a strong effect on my usually non-caffeinated body.

How was the clubbing scene? Music was only so-so (much to Rob's disappointment especially since he had a great time the last time he was at Club Asia a few months ago), and the number of drunk people and sleazy guys - mostly the gaijins (foreigners) - were off-putting but I had a good time. Clubbing is so expensive in Tokyo (much more for drinkers!), and I doubt that we will do this very often. The entrance fee of 3500yen (~$35) per person makes me feel like that's a couple of good meals we could have had!

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