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Monday, 15 September 2008

Baby Shower

A few months ago, when S suggested throwing a baby shower for me, I must admit that I didn't exactly jump at the idea. I'm not really one who likes attention nor being fussed over (hence never had birthday parties - my 21st was a small dinner with close friends and family) but S insisted she wanted to do it, and that it'd be fun. I only had a handful of people I wanted to attend, but a few couldn't make it because of the long weekend, and one of my close friends got pulled away at the very last moment for something she couldn't get out of. So it was a small gathering, but heaps of fun! Our hostess made delicious madeleines (plain- and lemon-flavoured) and kuro-goma (black sesame) cupcakes with matcha (green tea) frosting - impressively all were baked in her little toaster oven! She also did a fantastic job of organising fun games for our entertainment, some of which are described with photos below.


Games! We were all given paper dummies (i.e. pacifiers) to wear, and we lost our dummy if we mention the word "baby":

The person with the most paper dummies at the end wins. We also each had to bring baby photos of ourselves to play "Guess-the-baby-photo":

More games!! We also played pictionary and here's hubby drawing "spoiled child" - although he did a brilliant job, no one could guess that difficult one:

Another game was "Guess-the-baby-food", and it was not surprising that none of us got any of them correct! I can't believe people actually feed that stuff to babies!!:

A shot of the girls:

And with the wonderful host and hostess:

Thanks S (and L) for hosting this event at your gorgeous apartment! We had lots of fun :)

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