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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Baumkuchen Sandwich?

Just a short post to show something we came across which we thought was slightly amusing: baumkuchen as a sandwich with savoury fillings. This was seen at a shop called Nenriya (I think there's also a branch in Ginza) in Haneda Airport. A set of 3 (tiny) sandwiches costs 600yen, and it's not something I would have considered buying, but our flight to Okinawa was delayed by more than an hour, and the airline compensated by giving us 1000yen/person to spend at any of the shops, and I thought why not give this a try using the meal coupon (also there aren't really that many shops to choose from once you go through the check-in gate). Baumkuchen is quite popular in Japan, so there's obviously a market for these sweet/savoury sandwiches here. Surprisingly, the baumkuchen sandwiches weren't bad. However, I think that if the cake slices had been thicker, the sandwiches would probably have been quite inedible.

Two sets are available: Mix Sandwich (Beef, Prawn & Avocado, and Egg) and Katsu Sandwich (Deep-fried pork cutlets) and Egg:

By the way, Rob likes to call these cakes "bum cushion" because of its slight resemblance to one, and its name (although I'm sure any German would tell you that's not how you pronounce the word 'baumkuchen').

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