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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bouchard, Perth

This is a little gem hidden away on the residential area of Mount Street in central Perth. We were visiting Rob's auntie and husband who lives in this very affluent area, and they took us out to lunch to this French-style restaurant/cafe down the road from their apartment. By the way, their home is the most stunning apartment I've ever set foot on, the result of a year's worth of renovations. Add gorgeous views of the Swan River (and the Bell Tower and Convention Centre, landmarks of Perth considered both to be lovely or an eyesore depending on who you ask) and you have a place for keeps.

Back to the food. Great service, wonderful presentation and delicious food. I don't know the prices because we didn't see the bill, but the food is definitely of high quality. You can order from the lunch menu or from the main menu, and the restaurant is flexible enough to take requests for ordering entrees in the main meal size. Everyone at the table were gracious enough to offer me their plates to take shots of, but I can only vouch for how two of them tastes like. I can't remember the dishes' exact names, but I've tried to be as descriptive as possible. I ordered the Smoked Duck with Wild Mushrooms Tartlets and Rob ordered the Crisp-skin Salmon on Cannelloni, both were under the entree menu but we requested main sizes. Both were good, and we agreed that the duck was the better of the two. Our dining companions who had the Roast Chicken Leg and the Sirloin Steak vouched that they were excellent.

Smoked Duck; and Salmon:

Roast Chicken Leg; and Sirloin Steak:

We tried to resist ordering dessert, but the Passionfruit Brulee proved too much of a temptation for Rob. He convinced a couple of us to agree to take a spoon each to lessen the blow to his calorie intake. It was lovely and light, and certainly not too sweet.

Great place and definitely worth a try. Apparently the breakfast at Bouchard is pretty good too.

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