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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Dimsum @ Red Egg, NYC

On our last weekend in NYC, we met up with Michael, whom we lunched with two times on our previous trip to NYC. We went to Red Egg, which is a rather curious name for a dimsum restaurant. A few reviews of the restaurant seem to indicate that this is a rather pricey option for dimsum, but most agree that the food is pretty good and quite authentic. We hadn't eaten dimsum for a long time, so we were looking forward to this lunch. We weren't disappointed, and the bill was a rather pleasant surprise, which elicited a somewhat embarrassing (involuntary) reaction from yours truly. Those who said that Red Egg was expensive for dimsum have certainly not had dimsum in Tokyo where one can expect to pay around US$40 per person, which was how much we paid at Red Egg for four people. Of course

The one dish that deserves a special mention is the Durian Puff. Flaky pastry with a creamy filling made with real durian flesh, this is one great way to enjoy durian without its "perfume", for those who are strongly opposed to the smell (for me, the durian fragrance is part of enjoying the fruit). Another dish I particularly liked was the Taro Cilantro Dumpling. The other dishes were more or less the standard dimsum fare, most of which were done well and delicious but there were a couple of disappointing ones. Rob said the only dish he was disappointed with was the Ha Cheong (steamed shrimp rice roll), one of his favourite dimsum dish, because the prawns and sauce weren't that tasty. For me, the dish that disappointed would be the Chicken Feet, because the sauce just wasn't that great - I definitely have had better ones. Other than those, everyone agreed that the food was pretty good.

Durian Puff (US$3.75); Pan-fried Turnip Cake (US$3.75):

Ha-cheong (Steamed Shrimp Rice Roll, US$4.50); Steamed Fun Gaw (US$3.75):

Lormaikai (Sticky Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, US$3.75); Chicken Feet (US$2.75):

Taro Cilantro Dumpling (US$3.75); Charsiu-pao (Roast Pork Bun, US$3.75):

Stuffed Green Pepper (US$3.75); Sesame Ball (US$2.75):

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By the way, today is Rob's birthday :)

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