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Friday, 14 August 2009

Revisit: Indian @ Nawab, Tokyo

Although my friends A and C have been in Tokyo for a few months now on their working holiday, it has been almost 5 months since we last met up for lunch (which was when I introduced them to our favourite sushi restaurant). Understandably, we've been away on travel ourselves, but we finally decided to make plans to meet up since A's D is also in town visiting. We gave them a few suggestions of good places to eat, and they chose our favourite Indian restaurant. Nawab needs no introduction on this blog because we've eaten here many times before, a testament of our fondness for this restaurant.

We enjoyed the 4-piece Chicken Tandoori (1300yen), Chicken Spinach (1150yen), Lamb Biryani (1150yen) and Dahl Spinach (1050yen) along with Mango Lassi (500yen), and they were all good. One of my friends said that the tandoori chicken was nicer and more moist than the ones she'd tried in Perth, and thinking about it, I agree that most tandoori chicken I've had were usually quite dry and overcooked. Rob said he never before realised how similar the two spinach dishes were (I was puzzled why he'd wanted to order both the dahl spinach and the chicken spinach). The lamb biryani was good, but I reckon that the chicken version is still the nicest one (yes, better even than the prawn biryani too).

Chicken Tandoori; and Chicken Spinach:

Lamb Biryani; and Dahl Spinach:

We also ordered three breads: Onion Naan - served pizza-style (but without the cheese) and was a great accompaniment to the dahl and chicken spinach dishes; deep-fried Bhatoora - also nice to mop up the saucy spinach gravy with; and Rob's favourite raisin- and cashew-filled Mughlai Naan which C absolutely adored. The five of us were all quite stuffed after the meal, and only Rob, C and myself were game to share the coconut-flavoured Kulfi (400yen) for dessert. I forgot to take a photo of it, but there's a shot of kulfi in my post on our previous visit to Nawab.

Like-pizza-but-without-cheese Onion Naan; and Bhatura:

It was great seeing A and C again, and catching up with D who I haven't seen for a couple of years now. They had fun playing with Zak (even though he got a bit grumpy), and I think they liked the food too!


  1. Hey Jean,
    At least you get nice Indian food there. I have not eaten anything outstanding yet, here in Seoul.

  2. That's a shame.. But I like Korean food, and Korean food must be really good in Seoul, right? :)