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Monday, 7 September 2009

Revisit: Tom Yum @ Tinun, Tokyo

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with my heavily pregnant friend for lunch at Ikebukuro. Last year we would meet up every Tuesday night for Lifegroup at this location, and I was the pregnant one, so it was kinda strange to be in such a familiar surrounding yet during the day with her being the pregnant one instead. I now belong to a young mums' Lifegroup so we don't get to meet up very often, and this lunch was a long overdue catch-up session. It was a very last minute thing and we didn't have any plans on where to lunch, so we just headed to the restaurant level of the Metropolitan Plaza to have a look-see. We weren't wandering for long before we came across her old favourite, Tinun Noodle House, and we made ourselves comfortable there.

I've previously written about Tinun before, and nothing has changed. I ordered the Prawn Tom Yum with kuey teow noodles, but I'd forgotten that it came with only one prawn. I should have gone for the deluxe version like I did last time, where for 200yen extra I could get three extra proteins in it (pork, wonton dumplings and egg). Nevertheless, I enjoyed the kuey teow noodle soup for all its spicy sourness, and this time I had my dSLR with me to take a proper photo. Yum :)

Tom Yum Noodles:

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