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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Korean @ Han Woo Ri BBQ, Malaysia

After all that eating we did in Kuching, we flew back to KL for a couple of nights before heading on to Sydney. My auntie's birthday fell on our final night in KL, so we went out to dinner at a Korean restaurant to celebrate. My auntie and her daughters have a favourite Korean out in Petaling Jaya, but because we had a grumpy baby ton our hands, we decided to go to one nearby her house (where we were staying at) in the Taipan business area of USJ (Subang Jaya).

Han Woo Ri Korean BBQ is quite a nice spacious restaurant, with attentive staff who gave really good service. Rob said that he was rather surprised at the level of service which, in his experience, is not a common occurrence in Malaysia. Of course, it was a Thursday night in a relatively empty restaurant so we got more of the staff's attention, but I still think that the restaurant's service is worth commending. The barbecue items range around the RM 20-30, side dishes around the RM10-20 and main dishes around RM30-40. Our fellow diners' previous experiences with Korean cuisine were limited to the BBQ meals, so we ordered a number of non-barbecue dishes in addition to the barbecue ones (BBQ Chicken and Tueji Galbi (pork ribs)).

After we ordered, the banchan (complimentary side dishes) were placed on our table - no less than 12 small plates, which is the most number of banchan I've ever had in Korean restaurants in Australia, US or Japan! And the nicest thing was that we got a complimentary dish of Pajeon (seafood pancake)! Rob and I had wanted the others to try it, but decided against ordering it because my cousin is allergic to seafood. The manager said that he'd throw in that dish on the house, which meant that we all got to enjoy it anyway.

Wide array of banchan surrounding the barbecue plate, where the pork ribs were being barbecued; and the condiments to go with the barbecue dishes:

Ddeokbokki and Japchae:

Pajeon; and complimentary fruit and sweet for after the meal:

This was perhaps the most affordable Korean dining experience we've had - delicious food and great service, and we had wonderful company.

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