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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Malaysian eats: homecooked, takeaway and sweets

I'm back! We had an awesome time in Malaysia and Sydney, catching up with family and stuffing our faces with good food. I took so many photos, and I think I will be blogging about this trip for awhile! I'll begin this series with food we had at my auntie's house in KL, Malaysia.

Delicious homecooked dinner, prepared by Rob under my uncle's tutelage (the same uncle who brought us around Penang last year to enjoy the various Penang specialties). Dishes (left to right) were fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies), fried luncheon pork, stir-fried mixed vegetables, Malaysian-style omelette with onion, fried fish and sambal beans:

Take-away fast food, Malaysian style

Hokkien Mee, and Fried Bee Hoon :

Kuey Teow T'ng (same noondles as in the delicious Char Kuey Teow, but in soup):


Our relatives from Penang thoughtfully brought a box of Tau Sar Pneah (aka Tambun Biscuit) which we all relished in all its crumbly goodness.

Tau Sar Pneah:

It was also around the time of the Mid-autumn Festival and there were mooncakes everywhere! I bought a box of four mooncakes to share, and there were so many types available that I had trouble choosing which four I wanted.

Mooncakes with different fillings and 'skin': (clockwise from top left) Lotus Paste, Snowskin Red Bean, Low Sugar Lotus Paste with One Yolk, and Snowskin Lotus Paste:

Stay tuned for more to come!

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