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Friday, 20 November 2009

2nd Revisit: Korean @ Kanton, Tokyo

My birthday celebrations continued the next night with the rest of the family and my friend Kim, and we went to K-town for some Korean food at our favourite Korean restaurant, Kanton no Omoide. As always, Kanton was very accommodating to having a 1-year-old diner, which always helps when dining out with a baby. And as always, the complimentary banchan set was also delicious.

The banchan:

Since it was both my sister's and Kim's first time to Kanton, we ordered favourites such as the Chapchae (cellophane noodles), Chijimi (seafood pancake) and Possam (steamed pork with leafy vegetable). As previously noted, these dishes were delicious. We also ordered Ddeokbokki (cylinder-shaped rice cake) which was served with boiled eggs (chicken and quail), sweet potato cellophane noodles, and vegetables. The ddeokbokki was good, but not as nice as the other dishes. (Photos are courtesy from my sister Honey.)

Chapchae; and Chijimi:

Possam; and Ddeokbokki:

It was a good birthday meal with family and friend, and after dinner, we went to the hoddeok (sweet Korean pancakes) vendor (same as before) for dessert.

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