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Monday, 9 November 2009

Teppan eats @ Bambi, Tokyo

The other weekend, the three of us, with the baby in his pram, took the short walk into Tsukishima for the local specialty, Monjayaki as well as Okonomiyaki and Yaki soba. We went to Bambi on Monja Street where Rob had been twice previously with family and friends.

On Monja Street:

My sister took plenty of photos, but since I've previously given a pictorial on how to cook okonomiyaki and monjayaki on the teppan (hot plate), and cooking yakisoba is quite straightforward, I'll just show the "before" and "after" photos of these dishes here.

Monjayaki with Cheese and Mochi - the cheese gave a lovely bottom crust and the mochi (glutinous rice cubes) gave a chewy contrast of texture:

Okonomiyaki with Ebi (prawns) and Hotate (scallops):

Yakisoba Gomoku (with five ingredients):

For dessert, we got some delicious Chocolate Crepe, which Rob kindly cooked for us. In fact, Rob cooked most of the other dishes too, and did a great job (I was happy to sit back and not cook for once!).

Chocolate Crepe - the ingredients; and pouring the batter on the teppan:

Spread the batter thinly; then placing the chocolates on the thin layer:

Folding the batter to your desired shape:


  1. That looks like a really fun restaurant to eat at! With fresh chocolate crepe too :)

  2. It is fun! If you can find an okonomiyaki resto in London, you ought to give it a go! :)