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Monday, 8 March 2010

Sweets @ Matsuzakaya, Ginza

These gorgeous little desserts were what we had on our last date more than a month ago (so much for my resolution to go on dates with my husband every 2 or 3 weeks!). We rode our bikes into the nearby shopping district Ginza with the intention to enjoy some chocolate-y dessert at Pierre Marcolini, but the long queue into the chocolate cafe section deterred us. Instead we headed to Matsuzakaya department store and browsed the basement food level. We are such food geeks because the food level of any Japanese department store is the only one we're interested in, because the array of food and dessert available is really quite amazing and a treat for the senses. We often head to the food level at the nearest department store after a meal to satisfy our sweet tooth if the dessert selection on the menu at the restaurant didn't appeal. On this occasion, we found a little cake store in Matsuzakaya called Gateaux Maison Chez Matsuo, and it had two seats at the counter should you wish to eat your purchase with coffee/tea and/or ice cream (rather than, say, giving it away as a gift).

A rich moist Chocolate dessert with a chocolate macaron, and a delicious Fruit Tart:

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