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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Dimsum and Banoffee Pie on Discovery Bay (Hong Kong)

We arrived in Hong Kong late on Friday night, and after having too little sleep that night, we hopped on the ferry on Saturday morning with hubby's aunt C and her husband L to check out Discovery Bay, a nice residential area on Lantau Island, It's a 30-minute ferry ride from the pier at Central, and without these two lovely people, we would have not even known to put DB into our considerations. It's a nice spot, very family-oriented and kid-friendly, and definitely not filled with high rise buildings everywhere in sight. There's even a beach! It is a residential area, and like L said, there is no reason to go into DB from Hong Kong Island unless you actually reside there. We liked it, but a little concern about how far it is from Central. At least there is regular and direct ferry transportation between DB and Central.

Beach at Discovery Bay:

After having a look around at the main hub of DB known as DB Plaza, we had dimsum for lunch at Fagara Restaurant, one of the restaurants recommended by C's friend who lives on DB. I thought the food was nice, but Rob mentioned he wasn't impressed with it. Sure, it wasn't the best dimsum we've ever had, but I'm not too fussy, after 4 years of having to occasionally indulge in expensive dimsum in Japan (which is still better than eating sub-standard dimsum found elsewhere at cheap and nasty Chinese eateries). I thought the best dish at lunch was the Century Egg and Pork Congee, but the idea of eating a blackened preserved egg proved a little too exotic for the others (Rob had a spoon for taste), which was fine by me because that meant I could have it all to myself! Honestly it was very tasty, and I'm sure the others would have agreed if they had not known it contained century egg.

Haa cheong (prawn in rice noodle roll); and Xiaolongbao (aka Shanghai dumplings):

Beef meat balls with Lo mai gai (steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf wrap) in the background; and Har gow (shrimp dumpling):

Preserved egg and pork congee with Charsiu bao (steamed pork bun) in the background; and a sweet glutinous rice dumpling soup with the fragrant osmanthus flowers:

After lunch, we went to Zaks for some coffee and dessert. C really likes the Banoffee Pie, so we got one to share between the four of us. It was pretty good, full of cream and banana with a nice crust, but it was a hefty serving so we were all glad that we'd gotten only one dessert to share.

The Banoffee Pie:

Both Fagara and Zaks are located within the DB Plaza.

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