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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Revisit of The Great Burger, Tokyo

Since my sister loves burgers, bringing her to The Great Burger was a must-do during her time in Tokyo. Rob and I have been to this burger joint before, and enjoyed the gourmet-style burger (and sandwich) very much. We headed to The Great Burger last weekend before Honey began work in the afternoon. It was popular as before, and we had to wait at least 20 minutes for a table. We scored seats at the counter, with a bonus view into the kitchen. I wonder if the menu has expanded in the last year or so since our first visit, because it seemed that there were more types of burgers (including lamb and chicken) and a wider range of sandwiches to choose from. I also noticed that hot dogs and kids burgers were on the menu too (can't remember if these were also available last time).

Seats at the counter meant a view into the kitchen and entertainment during our meal! Honey is sipping the Chocolate & Macadamia Super Rich Shake:

Honey ordered the Avocado Burger, which is basically a hamburger with avocado, which she said was good but she would have preferred not having to rush through it to get to work on time.

Watching our burgers + extras sizzling on the hot plate in the kitchen:

Rob likes to ham up his burger with additional stuff, so he got the Hamburger with Avocado, Fried Egg, Bacon and Gorgonzola. Actually, he had no idea what gorgonzola was when he requested it, and all I knew was that it was a type of cheese. He learnt by eating the burger that gorgonzola was a blue cheese ("Hm, tastes like blue cheese"), which he thought was a bit strong. He still enjoyed his burger though.

Rob's hamburger with extras, and Honey's avocado burger in the background:

I've said it before that unlike my hubby and younger sister, I am not that keen on hamburgers, so I was pretty happy to see that there was a wider variety of non-hamburger burgers on the menu than I'd remembered from our previous visit. I chose Grilled Chicken Burger, and was pleasantly surprised to find a slab of succulent thigh meat between the buns. Certainly a nice change from the chicken breast which seems to be the favoured part to use in chicken burgers at fast food restaurants. Unlike my husband who likes his burger with the lot, I am more of a minimalistic purist, and even requested for no mayonnaise in my chicken burger - the waitress was hesitant to accept that request, even after I assured her that plain salt and pepper seasonings were fine. As it turned out, the burger was delicious without the mayo with plenty of flavouring coming from the tomato, lettuce, onion, relish and mustard; but that's just my personal taste and I know most people (including Rob and Honey) would prefer mayo.

My juicy chicken burger sans mayo:

The Chocolate & Macadamia Super Rich Shake mentioned in the caption of the first photo was indeed very rich, but we wished it was more chocolate-y. Macadamia is a great flavour, and a nice change from peanuts and almonds which are often used in desserts. We also got a Mix Berry Sundae, which was huge! Shame that Honey had already left for work by then because we couldn't finish it. The milkshakes and desserts at The Great Burger are probably meant to be shared because the serving sizes are too large for one!

Berry sundae:

We all liked our burgers, and Hon said she intends to revisit this burger joint for a more leisurely meal.


  1. yumm!
    love it! the burgers look really yummy. I wanna share this post to my friends in Foodista. and by the way, that sundae is heaven!! omggg, i want one now!
    Thanks, keep on posting! ;-)
    Cheers! amy from adelaide

  2. Re: yumm!
    Hi Amy, thanks for reading my blog! The burgers were really yummy :)