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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Brunching in Hong Kong

Finding places to eat at any time of the day (or night) in Hong Kong is no problem as the restaurants here cater to the general habit of eating 5 meals a day.

Yum cha @ Graces Garden

Yum cha is a popular option for meals from the early hours of the morning until late afternoon, however there are more and more places in HK offering all-day dim sum dining. We're no strangers to eating dimsum, so I'll just let the following photos of our yum cha experience at Graces Garden in Times Square speak for themselves. Ordering off the menu is the norm here, and expect this place to get crowded during lunch.

Yau yu sou (fried squid), Fung zao (aka phoenix talons and chicken feet), Har gao (shrimp dumpling) and the bowl of complimentary salty peanuts:

Scallops 'cheong' (rice roll):

Lor mai gai (lotus leaf rice:

Egg tarts!

Lotus seed bun with a surprise: a single salted egg yolk:

The shrimp dumpling was delicious, the chicken feet sauce had a good spicy kick, and I loved the lotus bun. Overall the food was good, but it was not the best dimsum we've had. The fried squid was overly greasy, the rice roll was mushy and overcooked, and the lotus leaf rice could do with more meat filling. I'm not too concerned though because I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunity to find a favourite teahouse to yum cha.

Western-style brunch @ Jaspas

We recently brunched at Jaspas in Mid-levels with Rob's aunt and her hubby (as well as Rob's young cousin who was visiting for a couple of weeks). They brought us to Jaspas before on our last trip to HK in May, so we knew that the food would be pretty good. This time we were the ones who invited them to brunch, and we chose Jaspas because the western-style breakfast and lunch menu was a safe choice for our dining group. Everyone enjoyed their choice of meals, and so did we. Generous serving sizes, good service and great for a casual family meal.

Rob's Eggs Marianne - basically an eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham

My Seafood Crepe - sautéed seafood with tomatoes:

Jaspas does great coffee and desserts too (although we passed on desserts this time because everyone was stuffed)!

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