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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Harbour view

It seems almost a shame that we live in an apartment with a fairly good view of the harbour because we're not terribly fussed about having a view. When we were searching for apartments to live in Hong Kong, having a scenic view ranked at the very bottom of our list; we just wanted a comfortable abode that is conveniently located. It just so happened that this particular apartment fulfilled the highest combination of our preferences, and comes with a view too. Well, I'm not complaining, as a view of the harbour is far better than a view into someone else's apartment! It's another shame that HK's skyline is often blanketed in a haze, mostly due to air pollution from mainland China. Sundays are often the clearest day of the week, which makes sense as most Chinese factories are shut for holiday.

Here's a panoramic shot of the daytime view from our balcony on one of the clearer days (click image for larger size):

Every night at 8pm, buildings across Victoria Harbour participate in a light and laser show, 'A Symphony of Lights'. Running for 14 minutes involving 44 buildings on both sides of the harbour, it is one of HK's major tourist attraction. We can enjoy the light show from any window in our apartment, but sad to say we usually miss it because we're often too busy with our daily evening routine. I do often catch snippets of the show from the kitchen window - the one with the most limited view - while washing the dinner dishes, but Rob misses out completely as he's usually occupied with giving the 2 year old his bath and bedtime routine.

A short 2:34 minute snippet of the world's largest permanent light and sound show from our balcony:

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