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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mexican @ Café Iguana, Hong Kong

Did you know that the traditional Mexican cuisine was recently added to UNESCO's list of the world's Intangible Cultural Heritage? There is so much more to this cuisine than the stereotypical cheesy and greasy nachos and quesadillas found everywhere, and real Mexican food is something I could only learn to appreciate after moving out of Perth. In fact, I used to think I disliked Mexican food due to the poor Mexican food scene in Perth, but I only had to try a few Mexican restaurants in Japan and New York to realise that there is a lot to like about the cuisine. At the end of our day out at HK Disneyland a few weeks ago, instead of putting up with another mediocre meal inside Disneyland, we opted to head out somewhere closer to home for dinner. It fell upon us to decide choose a restaurant to bring our family to, so we headed to the Mexican restaurant at the mall near our apartment. We chose Mexican since it seems everyone loves Mexican food, and we wanted everyone to be happy. We'd been to Café Iguana before, so we already knew that the food would be good.

A nice large mound of Nachos to share while we decided on what to eat. It was polished off soon after it was served:

My 14-year-old step-bro-in-law ordered the Tex Mex Burger, which he exclaimed as the best food he had eaten during his holiday so far:

Rob got the Fajitas which came served on a neat little tray with a drawer that hid the tortillas. Condiments included sour cream, refried beans, guacamole and salsa:

My father-in-law and wife ordered the Beef Enchiladas (previously blogged about) and the Pizza Pockets (pasta pockets filled with braised beef and topped with smoked tomatoes and Asadero cheese), both of which got the thumbs up. I wanted something light so I ordered an appetiser (Ceviche) and the Caesar Salad (with dressing on the side), both also pretty good.

Ceviche came with corn chips which I happily gave away to more hungry guys at the table:

The Caesar Salad was impressively served in a large taco shell. The spiced grilled chicken was delicious:

For dessert, the sweet-toothed in our company ordered one each, and I got a taste of all three. Everyone had different tastes, so each dessert got different reactions depending on who was eating it. The desserts came in pretty big portions, and I know that I definitely would not be able to finish one plate on my own. The Semolina Pudding was pretty good, as I already know from last time. I enjoyed the Pecan Pie which was not too sweet, had a lovely nutty filling and a nice crusty base. The Key Lime Pie was also quite nice, but the meringue topping was very sweet (my step-mother-in-law loved this one).

Pecan Pie:

Key Lime Pie:

This was a pretty successful dinner because everyone was satisfied with the food. A good way to end a good day.

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