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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Work holiday party @ Shore Restaurant + Bar, Hong Kong

Who were we kidding when we dragged our 2 year old along to Rob's work Christmas dinner party a couple of weeks ago? Neither of us could relax and socialise with our hands full with a toddler who was neither used to going out at night nor dealing with a room full of adults in a semi-dark environment with loud music. Much to our disappointment, our usually placid and pleasant boy was frequently a screaming tantrum-chucking uncooperative little monster that evening, and I believe that Zak's cuteness was our saving grace and the reason why we weren't kicked out of the party and restaurant before we'd decided to make an early departure.

The party was at Shore Restaurant + Bar, a newly opened venue in Central that is the epitome of chic and cool. Yes, we felt sorely out of place arriving with a pram and laden with toddler supplies, but the wait staff were totally smitten with the only toddler on the floor. Staff were friendly and attentive (it helped that it's a new restaurant so our group didn't have to compete with any regular clientele), and the food were pretty tasty! We left just as dessert was being served, but I liked everything from the salad table to the main course. I particularly enjoyed the creamy Roasted Chestnut Soup which was really tasty and rich with the beloved chestnut flavour.

Half of the salad table - my favourites were the Nicoise Salad and the Turkey Waldorf Salad. I kept going back for more:

Rich and creamy chestnut soup. I usually have a low threshold for rich and creamy food, but one of Rob's female colleagues apparently has a much lower threshold than me, because I finished my bowl and she could only manage half!

They weren't kidding when they named main course The Big Christmas Dinner! Turkey breast with sage and onion stuffing and bread sauce, glazed ham, roasted potatoes, cauliflower cheese, baby carrots, roasted beef tenderloin with porcini red wine, devils on horseback. Even Rob the Great Eater struggled to finish his plate:

The venue has a very cool design, and the service and food were good, so I am happy to give this new restaurant a plug. Shore features a very spacious outdoor lounge perfect for al fresco dining and cocktails.

We just said goodbye to my father-in-law and his family who had spent Christmas and New Year with us in Hong Kong, and hello to my dad who will be spending the following two weeks with us. It has been a very busy period (Zak also began his pre-kindy program this week) and I have hardly any time to get on the computer, but I have many photos to share, so stay tuned for more posts in my journal!

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