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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Breakfast buffet @ Garden Cafe (Conrad), Hong Kong

It seems that I can't keep myself away from buffets! I had every intention of eating light when we met Rob's aunt and her hubby for breakfast at Garden Café in the Conrad, but everyone else had decided to have the breakfast buffet, and I went along because I didn't want to be the odd one out. The cappuccino I ordered to start with was lovely, much better than the one we had at another buffet recently. The buffet selection was very nice and the quality was pretty good, as to be expected for a dining institution inside an upscale luxury hotel. Service was excellent, with staff standing by to clear away the plate soon after it's emptied.

My plate, first round of many: eggs florentine (that tasted more cheesy than eggy), juicy grilled tomato, delicious panfried turnip cake, perfectly steamed har gow. I was so busy eating that I only took one food photo:

You could choose Chinese breakfast items such as dim sum, congee, noodles and fried rice. Or you could go for a Japanese-style breakfast with salted fish, pickled vegetables and rice. Standard Western-style breakfast fare was also available, including waffles, pancakes, hash browns, eggs (any style), ham and baked beans. The continental breakfast items looked good, but I didn't feel like having cheese, ham and pastries at the time. For those who just want a plain, healthy breakfast (the one I should have had, that everyone should be eating), a range of cereals, muesli, yoghurt, fruit and milk were also for the taking, but that corner didn't prove too popular. I didn't eat everything, but what I did eat was very tasty. The drinks selection was quite good too - a wide variety of fruit juices, milk (plain, soy, chocolate), and there was even smoothies! The only thing I could fault was the placement of some food items which didn't seem well-thought out. For example, I could not find glasses near the milk jugs, which were placed in a separate area to where the rest of the drinks were. I guess the staff thought that the milk would only be needed for the cereals, but I know I wouldn't eat my cereal with chocolate milk. The fruits were also placed on different tables, so I had to flit from one table to another when I wanted to take some fruits to go with the Greek yoghurt. I also wished they made available a jug of water for drinking.

This place caters well to kiddies! We loved the kid's plate set, complete with a two-handled mug. Zak enjoyed the waffle and fruit juices (he'd had breakfast at home beforehand, in case there wasn't anything suitable for him out at breakfast due to his multiple food allergies):

Overall breakfast was good. I know that hotel buffets are kinda boring, yet it's hard to go wrong especially if it's in an upscale hotel. Delicious food, good service and most importantly, wonderful company. Although we live in the same city as Rob's aunt and her husband, we get to catch up with them only once every few months. We always eat well whenever we see them.

Garden Café (Conrad)
Lower Lobby Conrad Hong Kong
Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Tel: +85 2 2521 3838

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