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Friday, 22 July 2011

Greek @ Goodfillas, Brisbane

After spending four days in Sydney, we hopped on the plane again to fly over to Brisbane, where we spent three days with my father-in-law's family. We were very well-looked after, and we are grateful to my FIL, his dear wife and son for their hospitality and showing us around. We arrived in Brissy around lunch time, and after running some errands, my FIL brought us to Goodfillas for a late lunch. I do wish I have more opportunities to eat Greek food with my Greek step-MIL and her relatives and friends so that I can learn more about this eating-obsessed culture and food. I still fondly remember their wedding, my first - and so far, the only - time attending a Greek wedding and being amazed by all that Greek food. I learnt more about Greek dishes that night than I ever did in my lifetime before or after, and there's still more room for learning! The aptly named Goodfillas is a smallish, casual eatery that serves Greek and other Mediterranean food in the south-east suburbs of Brisbane. FIL and his wife comes here often enough, and my step-MIL likes the food, so it must be authentically Greek. The Goodfilla Platter for 2 was generously sized, and a half portion that platter was probably more than what I can handle in one sitting. Rob and his dad did just fine finishing it all. I had a taste of everything, and all was delicious. The 2.5 y/o enjoyed the calamari very much (but only after verifying the dish didn't contain any of the ingredients he is allergic to).

The Goodfilla Platter, which included tzatziki, skordalia (tasted like garlicky mashed potato), Greek salad, pitta bread, lamb cutlets, haloumi (grilled, which is the best way to have the cheese), chicken and lamb souvlakia, Greek Sausages, meatballs, BBQ octopus, calamari, prawns:

The Horiatiki (aka Greek Salad). Pictured is the undressed salad, additional to the one that came with the platter, ordered for me because my tummy was not doing great after the previous night's dinner (apparently I had eaten too much of the yummy chilli crab sauce):

Despite the fact that both Rob and his dad said they weren't that hungry, two desserts were ordered ("There's always room for dessert", they say). I'm fine with that, so long as I get to have a taste and not be expected to eat at least half (I'm usually too full by the end of a meal to have room for dessert, especially the rich ones that hubby always gets).

Galaktoboureko, a semolina-based custard-filled phyllo pastry. This one wasn't actually that great (FIL was pretty disappointed), but I know that galaktoboureko can be a delicious dessert because I've had good ones before:

Bougatsa - warm phyllo pastry filled with Goodfilla's special cream and cinammon sauce. I quite liked this one:

Good food at the Goodfillas!

Shop 6 Samuel Village
11 Samuel Street
Camp Hill QLD 4152
Tel. +61 7 3395 2223

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