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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Indian @ Jaipur Palace, Brisbane

After spending the day at Dreamworld during our recent Brisbane trip, we were brought to Jaipur Palace for dinner, an Indian restaurant located near the coast due east of Brisbane's city centre. It's a fairly nice restaurant with friendly service, but we felt that the food took a long time to come out. We were there on a weeknight, so the restaurant wasn't operating at its fullest capacity, but we did wait quite a while for our orders to arrive at the table. The food was delicious, and I was glad that the chef was willing to accommodate my son's food allergies. My step-mother-in-law found it amusing when our waitress came back to our table with the chef's suggestion of another dish for our 2.75 year-old boy because she was concerned that the biryani would be "too much" for my son to handle. I assured our waitress that our boy loves biryani, with the spices and all. I guess there aren't many people who would give their young toddlers spicy food to eat!

Here are pictures of what hubby, the boy and I ate (no shots of what the others ate because I didn't want to hold up everyone else from their dinner).

Vegetable Samosa- spiced potatoes with peas, onion and coriander filled in pastry and then deep-fried:

Mango Lassi, which was satisfyingly flavourful:

Chicken Biryani minus the cashews (for the allergic toddler) - spiced basmati rice with chicken, vegetables and sultanas. The boy ate well that night:

Two types of naan - Garlic Naan and Peshwari Naan (sweet naan bread filled with nuts and dried fruit). Hubby and father-in-law particularly enjoyed the sweet bread:

Rob ordered the Mango Chicken - boneless curried chicken pieces cooked with ground cashews in mango sauce. This was delicious with the unmistakable mango flavour. Hubby'd ordered hot, but it was not that spicy:

My tummy wasn't feeling 100% after the bad lunch we ate at Dreamworld, so I opted for a Mixed Vegetable Curry at medium heat. This one was definitely more spicy than Rob's mango chicken at the hot level! I really wanted to like it, but the vegetable curry was rather ordinary. I guess I won't do so well as a vegetarian! I love my veges, but I think meat proteins go much better in curries for flavour and body:

Lovely Indian restaurant with delicious food.

Jaipur Palace
3/379 Main Road
Wellington Point QLD 4160
Tel. +61 7 3822 4044

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