The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G.K. Chesterton

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

7 years - the seasons and reasons, and Zaia

Hubby and I celebrated our 7th year of being married on the weekend. It is slightly unbelievable to note that this blog has seen us journey from our first anniversary, and oh, how much we have experience since then. It hasn't been smooth sailing, but one thing's for sure: we haven't had a dull anniversary yet. Allow me to indulge in a trip down memory lane, as the journey will serve to give readers a fair idea of the seasons and reasons of this blog and the name she bears.

* On our 1st anniversary, we were still living in Perth, and had gone on a trip to Kalbarri where we went horseriding, abseiled, 4WD-ing through the sand dunes and sandboarding! Wow, I had so much energy back then!
* During our 2nd year of marriage, we'd moved to Japan and were living in the rural countryside where I did my 1-year tenure on the JET program. That year was one of our most memorable time, accompanied with amazing scenery, fantastic food and awesome rural Japanese festivals. I most probably wouldn't have gone to live in a rural area if Rob hadn't agreed to accompany me.
* We spent our 3rd anniversary in New York City, a place I hadn't expected to love so much! We spent two months living in the heart of NYC while hubby completed his orientation training for his then-new job.
* By the 4th year, we were expecting our first child and living in Tokyo.
* We celebrated our 5th anniversary as a family with our 10-month-old boy, who'd put on his best behaviour at the restaurant (we were both pleasantly surprised by that too).
* Our 6th anniversary was within weeks of our move from Tokyo to Hong Kong, and we asked my younger sister (who'd lived with us in Tokyo for a year) to babysit our boy one last time so that we could go on a date.

And here we are, 7 years on. We celebrated this year's anniversary by heading into Macau for an overnight trip together with our boy as a family, and we took the opportunity to watch Zaia. This was my first time watching a live Cirque du Soleil show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (and so did the boy - our seats on the fifth row from the stage helped the experience). I took several videos of the performance, and I had so much trouble choosing only one to feature on my blog. This is a 52-sec clip of the end of the lion dance act, where three "lions" (i.e. six performers total) balance on one ball and 'walks' a see-saw plank from end-to-end - a pretty amazing feat!

I am sorting through and working on the photos I took during our trip, and soon I will have up on the blog the photos of the yummy Portugese food we got to eat on the weekend in Macau. Stay tuned!


  1. I LOVE Cirque du Soleil... was the show in a tent or an actual building? I've only seen them perform in Vegas... but they are pretty amazing :) Congrats on 7 years... you are my role model... haha. I'm hoping to make it to 1 year with somebody... anybody?

  2. Thanks!

    Zaia is a resident show at The Venetian in Macau - the theatre was built for the show!