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Friday, 19 August 2011

Galler Noir 85% Profond Chocolate

Very occasionally, I would wonder if I eat too much chocolate. But that thought would last only a millisecond as I grab a piece of dark chocolate to savour slowly in my mouth. After my recent chocolate experience with a 100% (Criollo) chocolate, I am getting more confident to venture out into darker territories, and these days my everyday chocolate treats are the those with 85% cacao content. Galler Chocolatier's Noir 85% Profond is one that I'm really enjoying at the moment. Galler hails from Belgium, and is the official Belgian Royal Warrant Holder since 1994 - I think that means that Galler is the official supplier of chocolate to the Royal Court of Belgium! The packaging has a tongue-in-cheek blurb on the back (in French, English and Dutch): "Once upon a time there was a delicious tablet with a mind of its own, it broke only where it wanted. Chocolate with an attitude. Only for chocolate lovers."

The Noir 85% is smooth-textured and contains just the right amount of sugar to take away any bitter edges. It has a gorgeous chocolate flavour that is unadulterated by added flavouring or milk. In fact, when compared with Lindt Excellence 85% chocolate, the added vanilla flavour in the Lindt stood out quite obnoxiously, and because of that, I much prefer Galler's 85%. At HK$40 for an 80g, it is still a bit pricey to be an everyday treat, but perhaps I can compromise by having a smaller piece each time.


  1. I don't have a sweet tooth but this seems pretty palatable to me!

  2. Dark chocolates above 80% are actually not that sweet, so would suit those with savoury preferences. A couple of days ago, while munching on corn chips, I was seriously considering putting a piece of dark choc and a corn chip in my mouth at the same time.. But maybe next time I'll actually be brave enough to try that combo :)

  3. Lol, corn chips AND dark choc at once, you are brave :)

    But you are right about dark choc being not as sweet but I really still prefer savoury stuff so corn chips with some wine or beer would suit me just fine :)