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Friday, 4 November 2011

Revisiting French @ Saint-Germain (Happy Valley), Hong Kong

It's always great finding a good restaurant by chance, and it's perhaps even better when a second visit to the same restaurant prove that the first visit wasn't just a fluke. Last Sunday, we had a chance to go for a second meal at Saint-Germain, lunching with hubby's aunt and her husband who are both long-time residents of Hong Kong (we finally found a restaurant they haven't been to before, though it helps that it's still relatively new). Although it has been less than three months since our last visit, we were pleased to find that the menu had been completely updated. I appreciate it when a restaurant changes its menu regularly to suit the seasonal produce, giving us more incentives to return to that restaurant to try something different. The menu format had changed a little, and there was a weekend lunch menu that included several dishes from the a-la-carte menu as well as breakfast and snack items such as eggs benedict and croque monsieur. These additions make Saint-Germain more accessible and affordable to those seeking a more simple no-fuss meal, yet still giving the option to those wishing a more substantial affair. I'm happy to report that the food on the second visit was good, and our dining companions loved it too.

Escargots de Bourgogne en Persillade (snails in garlic and parsley butter) - delicious little morsels of garlicky goodness. We were given more bread to mop up the butter sauce. Love the cute serving dish meant specifically for escargots:

Snail on a slice of bread - yummy!

Hubby ordered Paupiette de Loup Pochée dans son Velouté et ses Haricots Coco Blanc (poached paupiette of sea bass in a velouté sauce with white coco beans). "The beans taste like cocoa!" was what hubby exclaimed after taking a bite. Very tasty, and the sauce was full of flavour:

I chose Filet Mignon de Pork Rôti, Petit Pois a la Française, Jus Corse (roasted pork fillet served with onion and bacon lardon's peas) - the tenderloin had been roasted so nicely that it was still so juicy in spite of being such a lean cut. The peas with bacon lardons was a delight:

Gratin de Framboises, Sorbet Fruits Rouges (raspberries gratin, red fruits sorbet) - hubby chose this on a whim, curious to know what a dessert gratin is. I love the caramelised sugar crust contrasted with the pillowy soft insides (similar to an unbaked meringue), but it was very sweet so I could only take a few spoons. The sorbet was refreshingly bright and lovely:

If I lived in Happy Valley, I would certainly make sure I'd get my fix of French food at Saint-Germain very regularly!

1A Wong Nai Chung Rd
Happy Valley,
Tel. +852 2836 6131

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  1. The escargot in garlic and herb butter is definitely one of my all time French faves. I can soak up all that olive oil with a nice piece of bread.