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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thai @ Nahm, Vietnamese & Thai (Elements), Hong Kong

It was sad when we had to say goodbye to my parents last week when they left Hong Kong, but I did it the best way I knew how: with a family dinner out on their last night. It was a school night, so I stuck close to home and booked one of the restaurants in the mall downstairs. Knowing my parents' preference for Asian food, I made sure to choose a restaurant that would please them. Nahm serves Vietnamese and Thai dishes in a contemporary manner, and this restaurant is a popular choice for shoppers in this mall.

The setting was quite nice for a mall restaurant, and service was courteous and friendly enough. The food served here is predominantly Thai with only a few obviously Vietnamese dishes (obvious only by the names of the dishes such as 'Hanoi beef noodle soup' and 'Vietnamese prawn paste') - which is not at all surprising because the executive chef hails from Thailand. There are plenty of dishes to choose from, and the selection of Thai curries will please all those coconut curry lovers out there. All the dishes we got were Thai food - I would have loved to introduce my parents to some traditional Vietnamese food (such as bánh xèo) but the Vietnamese selection was very limited. We ordered three dishes and a salad, which proved to be too much for my parents and I (hubby had a work dinner to attend, and the boy ate a packed meal from home due to all the nuts, soy and coconut that would be inevitably present in all the dishes), but it was easy enough to get the leftovers packed in takeaway containers to bring home.

Green Papaya and Mango Salad with Prawns and Crispy Sesame - deliciously crunchy with the right balance of sweet, sour and salty:

Glazed Duck Breast on Grilled Pineapple with Lychee in Thai Basil Curry - the duck meat was overcooked and hence very tough, but the curry was delicious. The lychee and pineapple added a lovely sweetness to the curry (ordered something similar at another Thai restaurant in HK, which I thought was better than Nahm's):

Grilled Sea Bass, Oyster Mushrooms and Green Vegetables in Yellow Curry - the sea bass was flavourful and moist, and the curry was very "lemak" (creamy and rich) due to the coconut milk. I loved the vegetables too:

Roasted Game Hen stuffed with Turmeric, Rice and Lemongrass in Tamarind Chili Yam sauce - this was a winner, I only wish it wasn't the last to arrive at the table when our stomaches were already full and groaning in protest. The sauce was lovely, slightly sweet and salty, and the glutinous rice stuffing was delicious from absorbing all the chicken's juices and the sweet sauce:

It was a good dinner, one that deserves a second visit so that hubby can also try out the food.

Nahm, Vietnamese & Thai
Shop 1044-1045
1st Floor,
1 Austin Road West
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel. +85 2 2810 7575
Online booking available at tablemap


  1. Oh I love Hong Kong. I've spent a lot of time there on and off. The food was usually fantastic and this looks great too. GG

  2. Thanks for dropping by GG. HK is indeed a great place with plenty of dining opportunities. The supermarket offering is pretty good too - pretty easy to get ingredients for most types of cuisines :)