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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Scandinavian @ FINDS, Hong Kong

I count myself blessed for the opportunities I get to eat cuisines from countries afar, allowing me to have a taste of faraway places (and precursor to an actual trip to those countries, perhaps?). We ate Scandinavian food only once before, but one time is enough to make a lasting impression. In this big smoke of a city, you can find many types of cuisine, and I was thrilled to discover FINDS, the only Nordic restaurant in Hong Kong and perhaps all of Pearl River Delta. FINDS may appear to be a funny name for a restaurant, but it is an acronym for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden - a pretty cool name, really.

The restaurant with its central bar:

The decor is colourful and slightly funky, with a casual and friendly service. The food served is modern and traditional Scandinavian, and it's great to know that bread is baked twice a day and all ice cream, stocks, sauces (even the tomato sauce/ketchup!) are made at FINDS. Apparently Finnish chef Jaako Sorsa, who oversees the kitchen, has cooked for presidents and royalty all over the world, and even has written a book (called "Scapas Dining", where Scapas stands for Scandinavian tapas).

Fresh crusty bread, with butter, olive oil and creamed cheese:

At the moment FINDS is serving a Christmas set lunch, but there was also another menu available for those who don't feel like having a festive meal just yet. We chose the set lunch as it appeared to be good value, and there was flexibility to choose the number of courses we wished to partake (1 course for HK$128, 2 courses HK$148 and 3 courses HK$168). Hubby went for the full three courses, and since there was only one option for dessert on the Christmas set lunch, I got two courses and ordered dessert from the main menu to avoid having two of the same desserts. The Kids' Menu wasn't that bad (as kids' menu can be at many restaurants), and for the first time in our history of dining out as a family, we ordered from the kids' menu for our son. The 3-year-old got a kids-size Swedish Meatballs, but he predictably latched onto the fries. Hubby and I noticed that the tomato sauce/ketchup was homemade, and I appreciated the rustic-looking sauce and its taste.

Swedish Meatballs with lingonberry sauce, tomato sauce and with a serving of fries on the side - quite yummy, as far as a kids-size meal goes:

Hubby's appetiser - Turnip Soup with Crushed Gingerbread. Quite frothy, and flavour is quite plain. You could taste the gingerbread, but only just barely:

My appetiser - Assorted Herrings (tomato, mustard and onion) with Warm Dill Potatoes (potatoes not shown, in bowl to right of shot). Preserved herring is probably the most recognisable food in Scandinavian cuisine. These were good, but quite strong-tasting - better eaten together with the potatoes or the bread:

Hubby's main: Honey, Thyme & Lemon-glazed Turkey Breast with peppered cherry sauce - quite nice as far as turkey breast goes. A nice little twist with using cherry sauce instead of the traditional cranberry sauce:

The brussels sprout, roasted potatoes and stuffing that came with the turkey made good accompaniments:

My main dish - House-smoked Salmon Fillet with creamy morel sauce, fingerling potatoes, dark dill sauce. The salmon was perfectly cooked (rare in the middle), and the potatoes were fun to eat. This was really good, and worth ordering again:

Coffee or tea is included, and our cups of cappuccino were served without sugar (which is fine by me as I don't take sugar in my cappuccino, but I think hubby would have liked some sweetener):

Hubby noticed other people ordering Christmas Nordic Mulled Wine, and it piqued his curiousity. Served warm with a slice of lemon, the mulled wine was quite mellow and spicy:

The dessert from the Christmas set lunch - Chocolate Pudding & Lingonberry-vanilla Parfait. Chocolate pudding was served warm and soft in the middle, and the parfait was chilled and not too sweet - a good combination:

I ordered the 'Daim' Parfait from the main menu, as we were told it's FINDS signature dessert. Meringue, almond, caramel and nougat - inspired by the Swedish candy bar. I've never had Daim before so I cannot compare, but the dessert was nicely executed. Crunchy meringue chips, soft chilled nougat and a base of caramel and slivered almonds - it was quite a delight eating this dessert:

It was a good meal, and I'm happy to say that I love Scandinavian food! I would love to one day visit that faraway place and try the food in its homeland, but for now, I'll settle for the food at FINDS.

1st Fl, The Luxe Manor
39 Kimberly Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel. +85 2 2522 9318

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