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Friday, 20 January 2012

Revisiting the simply fresh seafood @ Fish Bar (Marriott), Hong Kong

We are spoilt for dining-out options in Hong Kong. There are so many dining opportunities here that it is entirely possible to eat out every single day for a year (or two) and never visit the same venue again. We are much more conservative than that - for the sake of our piggybank and health - but occasionally we come across a gem that is worth going back many times. This wasn't our first visit to the Fish Bar - in fact our last visit was only 6 months ago. I love the fact that this place offers the same level of service and food quality as other 5-star hotel restaurants, but without the pretentious atmosphere that you often find at fine-dining establishments. We were introduced to this restaurant by hubby's auntie and her husband (HK residents for more than a decade), and they are regulars here because they live in the area. (I still remember the jovial familiarity between the staff and this couple the very first time we came to this restaurant during our honeymoon trip more than 7 years ago.)

Casual restaurant by the Marriott's pool:

The Fish Bar has become one of our favourite restaurants in HK. As seafood lovers, we adore the restaurant's philosophy of "serving simply fresh fish", and they get extra points for sourcing their seafood from sustainable sources. The menu is simple, but there is something for every tastebuds, including a few non-seafood options. 'Today's Catch' is written up on several blackboards, and staff will helpfully advise which ones are better char-grilled, beer-battered or pan-fried. And there is the choice of creamy mashed potato, fries or baked potato.

Our 3-year-old loved the Crispy-fried Calamari, served with a jar of Fish Bar tartar sauce. Actually, we adults loved it too. Crispy and delicious, it wasn't greasy at all:

We had to order the Boston Lobster Club Sandwich on Toasted Brioche when we saw it on the menu. It came with sweet potato fries, which I thought was more yummy than the usual fries:

The sandwich came with large juicy morsels of sweet lobster meat, luscious soft mango, crunchy cucumber and crisp daikon, offset nicely by the slight bitterness of the arugula. It was a good sandwich, though hubby thought that the mango sweetness overpowered the lobster's flavour:

Char-grilled Yellow-fin Tuna with Baked Potato (the garnishes were served on the side - see next photo). Don't let the simple appearance of this fillet fool you - the fish was grilled perfectly to medium-rare, and it literally melted on the tongue:

Sliced green onion, crispy bacon bits and sour cream for the baked potato, thoughtfully served on the side with the health-conscious (me, not hubby) in mind:

We were served vegetable side dishes with our meal - leafy salad, buttered sweet corn kernels and creamed spinach. I particularly enjoyed the creamy spinach:

Excellent food and fantastic staff - it would go against our nature to dislike the Fish Bar.

Fish Bar
JW Marriott
Pacific Place
88 Queensway,
Hong Kong
Tel. +85 2 2810 8366

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  1. Going to try the lobster roll really soon. Looks yummy.