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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Vietnamese @ Phu Vinh Noodle House, Malaga (WA, Australia)

When we were in Perth last month, I met up with a dear friend whom I graduated primary school with - almost 20 years of friendship! It was just us girls and my boy, and we went for a casual lunch at my friend's favourite neighbourhood Vietnamese eatery, Phu Vinh. This is a no-frills simple place with quick service and generous serving sizes. It is popular with the local Vietnamese population, and the tables in this little place filled up very quickly during the lunch period. My friend said she and her hubby often goes to Phu Vinh for the broken rice and grilled pork.

For a small place, there were many dishes listed in the menu, and not just noodles. I'm sure that Phu Vinh does a good bowl of pho, but Vietnamese cuisine is so much more than the internationally ubiquitous beef noodles. The menu also wasn't limited to strictly Vietnamese cuisine, and I found that there were a few other popular South-East Asian and Chinese dishes listed in it. With such a wide variety of food, there is something for every tastebuds here. The noodle house also caters for the little ones, providing plastic utensils and serving the noodles with scissors for the adults to help cut the long slippery noodles into smaller more manageable pieces.

My friend and I shared an order of Rice Paper Rolls with Prawn and Pork. I love these fresh rolls as they are so refreshingly light and delicious, and the dipping sauces are pretty yummy too:

The 3.5 year old helped narrow down our selections by choosing "fried noodles". We shared this Singapore-style Fried Noodles, which was tasty and I had no problems getting the boy to eat his lunch:

The adults ended the meal with Ca Phe Sua Da, Vietnamese iced coffee with milk. It was my first time trying Viet coffee, and I can understand why it is well-liked! It was strong and bitter, yet very sweet and milky at the same time:

I enjoyed our lunch rendezvous at Phu Vinh and can easily see why it's one of my friend's favourite dinner options. The big menu would certainly validate many re-visits to this little noodle house.

Phu Vinh Noodle House
u1/11 Exchange Road
Malaga, WA 6090
Tel. +61 8 9249 8349

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