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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Chelsea Market, NYC: The Lobster Place and Amy's Bread

One of my favourite foodie places in New York City has to be Chelsea Market. We only had a brief browse through here during our first trip in 2007, and I made sure to go back for a revisit on our most recent trip to NYC. After a lovely morning stroll through the High Line, my son and I headed to Chelsea Market for lunch.

The Lobster Place

I knew what I wanted for lunch, so we made a beeline for The Lobster Place. This is a popular spot not only for the prepared foods, but also buying fresh fish and seafood to bring home to cook. There is also a little grocery section to buy drinks, condiments and other various items to accompany your seafood purchase, and there's a large section devoted to sushi-making.

A sushi chef busy at work filling catering requests:

Some lobsters for sale:

The Shack in the Back menu board:

I initially wanted the lobster roll, but then changed my mind in favour of variety. The Slider Sampler (US$15.95 excluding tax) included three types of sliders (lobster roll, tarragon shrimp and crab club) and some chips. I didn't care much for the chips, but my boy sure couldn't wait to get his hands on the salty crispy stuff!

The Slider Sampler featuring (from left to right) Crab Club Slider, Lobster Roll Slider and Tarragon Shrimp Slider, all on mini-brioche buns. They were all delicious, and I almost didn't want to share any with the boy. I liked that the slider fillings were minimally dressed so that you can still taste the seafood:

For my "veges", I got a container of Japanese Seaweed Salad with Sesame, which was crunchy, salty and very tasty. This one was all for me, since my boy has quite a nasty allergic reaction to sesame seeds:

I wanted to share some of this lobster goodness with hubby, so I got a take-away Lobster Roll ($16.95 excluding tax). I explained to the girl behind the counter that it was for much later, and she packed everything separately with a lot of ice.

The takeaway container of the fresh lobster meat from the claw and tail, with celery, scallions, lemon pepper and mayo. I really liked that the lobster meat wasn't drowned in mayonnaise like the first lobster roll we had at another place a few years ago:

Please excuse the presentation - assembling the lobster roll was more difficult that I thought. Hubby enjoyed it, and I think we have found our favourite place for lobster rolls (though I'm up for trying out more lobster rolls!):

Lobster Place on Urbanspoon

Amy's Bread

If you like bread, you'll love Amy's bread. There are a few Amy's Bread bakeries around NYC, but I've only ever been to the one inside Chelsea Market. Everything looked so good that I wanted to get one of everything, but I showed restraint and only bought three items.

Bread! There were hard crusty rustic loaves and soft dinner rolls, cheesy types and fruity ones:

There's even a refrigerated cabinet with salads and sandwiches for a more complete meal, and of course danishes, cookies and biscuits/scones for the something sweet afterwards:

(Clockwise from top) My loot consisted of a chocolate twisty bread, cheese scone (or was it called cheese biscuit?) and a delicious cinnamon challah. Our favourite was the challah, which was quite indulgent for a bread:

Amy's Bread in Chelsea Market on Urbanspoon

Chelsea Market is definitely worth a visit for any foodies in NYC!

Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
United States
(Meatpacking District)

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