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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Chinese @ May Flower Seafood Restaurant (Milpitas), California

This is my final post on our summer trip to the U.S., and I am filled with great pleasure and fond memories as I write about our final night in California. As mentioned previously, we took the BART from downtown SF to Fremont (about an hour's ride) where Stephanie's dad picked us up and showed us such gracious hospitality that still warms my heart. He drove us everywhere, and I won't forget the fact that he already had to drive a few hours from his home to get us at Fremont, which is the furthest south that the BART would take us to. We were introduced to his family who welcomed us with friendly familiarity, and Steph's sister-in-law even opened up her beautiful home for us to relax for an hour or so while we waited for dinnertime to roll around. We went to a Chinese restaurant in Milpitas called May Flower Seafood Restaurant, where we enjoyed a delicious seafood feast. Uncle took care of ordering the food, so we just sat back and enjoyed the company and food. That also means that I don't know the exact names of most of the dishes, but one thing is clear: they were all yummy!

How the restaurant looks on the outside:

Inside, the restaurant looks like a very typical Chinese restaurant:

Fried Rice arrived first upon my request so that the kids can start on their dinner (usually rice is served at the end of the meal):

While the kids were busy with the fried rice, the adults were treated to this delightful Par-boiled Giant Surf Clam. Each of us got one clam, topped with sliced ginger and green onion, and drizzled with soy sauce and sesame oil. It was fresh and fragrant:

Fried Prawns with Walnuts in Special Sauce - this was Steph's brother's favourite dish, and hubby also liked the crispy prawns with sweet crispy candied walnuts:

I believe this is Roast Chicken, succulent and tasty:

Steamed Whole Fish! I must admit I was looking longingly at the fish head, but I can't remember if I grabbed it or not. I sure hope I didn't, because it ain't pretty tucking into the head (the sweetest flesh of any meat are near the bones, and that includes the head in fish):

A sang choy bao-style dish with lettuce cups, with chunks of shrimps with the minced meat. Well-seasoned and thoroughly enjoyable:

At this point, soup was served at the table, which seemed a little late. But, better late than never to enjoy this tasty viscous soup:

Peking Spare Ribs. Hubby liked this one:

The obligatory vegetable dish. I noticed that the ladies helped themselves to the greens, but the guys didn't really grab more than a chopstick-full of it:

The beautiful family who welcomed us as part of their own for a few hours:

We had a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, and we relished participating in a family-style Chinese banquet - something that we don't often get to do in Hong Kong away from our families. We were told that there aren't many good options for Chinese food out there, and that May Flower is the only Chinese restaurant that they go to. We are indebted to Steph's dad for the kindness he showed us that day.

May Flower Seafood Restaurant
428 Barber Ln
Milpitas, CA 95035
United States
+1 408 922 2700

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  1. Chinese food from that restaurant looks wonderful! When i have opportunity, i would not miss this restaurant at any cost!