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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Aussie bush tucker (refined) @ The Bushfood Factory and Café, Western Australia

Now here is something quite different from what I've been posting about our recent trip to Australia. After we'd been blueberry picking somewhere near Denmark during our trip to the beautiful Great Southern Region of WA, we literally went off-road in search for The Bushfood Factory and Café. The place wasn't too hard to find, as there were sufficient signs showing us the way there from the main road, but be prepared to drive on red sand and gravel. I really like the concept - a bushfood café in the middle of its own Australian bush plantation with integrated environmentally-friendly aspects such as solar panels and harvesting rainwater.

On the grounds of The Bushfood Factory:

Entrance to the Café:

Small but comfortable and clean dining area:

The setting was beautiful, as to be expected from a countryside location. The food served in the café was not exactly the rugged bushtucker that comes to mind, but it's novel using Australian native ingredients in familiar dishes. There were also 'bushfood-free' items, but I can't imagine driving all the way to this place and not trying the so-called bushfoods. The girls who served us were helpful with allergy requests for our boy, and I believe they are the owners' daughters. There was also a little shop by the small dining room that held products made on site for sale, such as jams, chutneys, sauces and spices. The food was delicious, and worth the unique experience of Aussie bushfood.

Scones with Quandong Jam:

The boy wanted pizza, so he got the Outback Mini-Pizza - with smoked kangaroo, pesto, sundried tomato, feta, cheese. Quite tasty, but the kangaroo meat was a bit too tough for our boy to chew on:

Parents ordered the Trio of Traditional Curries - there was beef, vegetable and chicken, served with pappadum and rice. Apparently one of the owners has 25 years experience in preparing curries, and these were quite tasty:

Hubby's Kangaroo Gourmet Burger, with cheese, carrot, lettuce, pesto, relish. Pretty good for a burger:

It's definitely worth a try if you're in the area.

The Bushfood Factory and Café
233 Piggot Martin Rd
Youngs Siding, WA 6330
Tel. +61 8 9845 2359

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