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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Yum cha @ Regal On Roe Seafood Restaurant, Northbridge

It is a good day. I have completed the final assessment of my astronomy course, and this is the final post on our trip to Perth. This leaves me free to enjoy our trip to Malaysia and Singapore! I'm quite excited about the upcoming reunion dinner on Saturday (the eve of the new lunar year), as it will be hubby's and son's first one with my extended family in Malaysia, and my first one in a very long time (I can't remember the last one I attended!). Most importantly, my 80-something year-old grandmother will be able to spend time with five of her great-grandchildren, all of whom are from my immediate family and therefore don't reside in Malaysia. It will be a grand occasion!

On the day before we flew back to Hong Kong from Perth, we met up with my family and went for yum cha in Northbridge. We'd intended to go to Northbridge Chinese Restaurant, but alas, it was closed due to the Christmas/New Year holidays. Regal On Roe Seafood Restaurant next door was open for business, and the restaurant probably benefited some from its more popular neighbour's closure that day. Like other Chinese restaurants in Northbridge, Regal On Roe operates on a first-come-first-served basis for dimsum. The service was terse, as expected for a typical (authentic) Chinese restaurant in Australia, but waitstaff was courteous enough and responded to our requests well enough. There weren't any trolleys nor any sheets of paper for dim sum orders; waitstaff would exit the kitchen with trays laden with various dim sum dishes, and make their rounds to each table. We got a few dishes in such a manner, and we ordered a few more.

Siu mai (pork dumplings), lor mai kai (glutinous rice with chicken in lotus leaves), feng zhao ('phoenix claws' aka chicken feet) and beef meatball:

A seafood and coriander dumpling:

Fried rice, specially requested for our allergic boy, but also shared with everyone:

A good version of the dan tat (egg tart) with flaky pastries. Even my MIL (who dislikes eggs) liked the egg tart:

Mango pudding - my sister took one bowl for herself and we had to order another for everyone else to share:

One of my favourite childhood desserts, tau fu fa (tofu pudding). This one was served in a simple sugar syrup, but I think ginger syrup would be an improvement:

The food was decent quality, but more pricey than next door. Northbridge Chinese Restaurant's dim sum is better value-for-money, and the quality is on par with Regal On Roe. Perhaps the dinner menu is worth a try.

Regal On Roe Seafood Restaurant
20 Roe Street
Northbridge WA 6003

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